Are you only as strong as your network?


Networking is something that has been done in some form or another from the beginning of man kind.


Think about how you network with your friends, your colleagues and your family. It is a joining and a way to communicate.


Did you know that your message can not go anywhere if you mouth is shut. You can not get anything in return, and you have no idea if you are helping others or not. You might as well be talking to yourself.


Everyone that I know has things they would love to share with others. How you do that is up to you; but I found that blogging is a great way to share and tell your story. This story is of what you have found interesting, or troubling.




Being able to network with old and new friends about what life throws at you and how you dealt with it, has so much value that can benefit us all, so why keep your mouth shut?


Open your mouth wide and you will get fed all sorts of things!



I thought I had a pretty good life. I had my husband, two kids, a house, a great job. I didn’t realize that I was missing a very important part until one day when I felt trapped.


I started looking really close and thought I can not change where I am at. I was stuck at my career, for loosing everything or starting over. I was stuck in my house, for all the repairs that it needed. And the lid on my jar was getting tighter and tighter.


I needed to expand and grow in places that I was unfamiliar with. I needed to grow my network.


I found a helper that came and punched those holes in the lid. It came from a place that is expanding by leaps and bounds. It is called a BLOG.



What is that you say? Well for the older generation, we need to re-learn some things about the way the world works. It is called the internet!


With all the new technology that is in the world today, it sure makes networking with the world a whole lot easier than when I was growing up. I lived miles away from anyone my age, the phone calls were long distance so calling was not always easy either.


Now you have social media, text messages, and all the other things that we tend to find. Networking has expanded my friendships to a whole new level.


Since I started my BLOG,  I can’t wait to write about something new and exciting everyday. It is amazing how many people blog, and companies too.




I have gained a lot of new friendships from all over the world, I have networked in places I never thought possible, and stuff to learn, oh my, I feel like that kid in the candy store that just can’t make up their mind.


In all the years that I have been working and raising my kids it is amazing what else you can learn just by looking for things interesting to write about for the day.


Learning not to get sidetracked is definitely one lesson to keep in mind.


Networking does not have to be hard, it is really a natural thing that most humans do on a daily basis. So, let yourself be free from the everyday burdens and go networking, you might make a new friend.


Would that be all that bad?


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Now is your chance to get your own BLOG and work on your networking skills. Open up your brain, refresh your life and just start communicating with others.

6 thoughts on “How Networking Has Inspired My Life | Are you only as strong as your network?

  1. Thanks, Sandy, for the fun post. It is wonderful to hear and feel your enthusiasm for the internet and networking. Thanks for the inspiration. All the best, Reba

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