X is the Letter of Choice today!

When you think about the letter X, most words actually start with the letter E in front of them. So to come up with a word starting with X you can spend a lot of time looking for the right thing to write about.

I was kind of short on time today, as we all get sometimes, but I had to get my work done. So how is this for being disciplined?  I have a variety of things that I found today on the letter X and thought I could help educate and throw a few new things to my readers.



First of all a quote from a Philosopher by the name of “Xenophanes”

“It isn’t right to judge strength as better than good wisdom.”




Then in my travels I can across a cool app that you can use on your phone if you are a social maniac.



The next trip destination that I landed on was a dictionary site that can explain any word you want.






If you have children, mine is 23 and still loves it. You need to know everything you can that has to do with an Xbox.


Published on Nov 26, 2014
After a year of updates (and the decision to offer a version without Kinect), the Xbox One is no longer the same console it was last year. Accordingly, we’ve gone back, taken a fresh look at the system, and updated our review.

In fact, we’ve now got two separate reviews – if you want the version with Kinect, click here:



So, for the letter X it is amazing what you can come up with.

Have fun in your journey.
Jar Ideas says goodbye for now.


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