Where does Creative Content come from?


Blogging, in a nut shell, is sharing a story about things that you have found across your life and on the Internet that is from other peoples experiences.


Having creative content adds value to what you are sharing. Did you know that everything that is studied and shared, no matter what the source, it is from some ones story? Things had to be experienced and documented to be able to be shared.  networking


Finding content and keeping yourself organized can create a blog that people will want to follow. If you tend to jump around or skip through what you are trying to say, you loose peoples attention.


It seemed I wanted to do this when I first started. I would look at things around me and put them in to a business notation. It seemed to work. I had things to blog about everyday, but not knowing where I was going, how could I expect my readers to know either.  That was a problem!


I knew that you were suppose to have a theme, or a topic of what your blog was about. Do you have a niche? If you missed the blog where you need to find that, You can read it again here.




Finding topics to write about can come from many different places.



To get started writing a blog is not as bad as you might think. All is takes is a little time and trial and error.


What do I mean by that?


Testing and trying this out. If that doesn’t seem to flow after a while, then tweak it a little until you have it looking just right.


It’s just like writing or coming up with a title. Write something down, then use your second sentence. You will be surprised how often I do that.


Next thing that really helped me was to join groups on social media. You can find challenges that have themes, like A to Z, with each letter a day. That one was kind of fun.


Or, just get into blogging groups, like 30 day blogging challenge. This group will give all sorts of tips and training everyday. What a great bunch of people.


Some of the best training is in our own platform Here at Empower Network. Once you get in, there is a fast start training that helps you set it up and gives you templates for the first 21 days, over and over, as many times as you need it.


Other ideas to help you stay organized and coming up with creative content is from keywords. Did you know I had a blog on that also, click here to read more about that subject.


Blogs can be made up for different categories, different pages and be indexed just like books. But Blogs are not just simple words. They combine words, pictures, links to videos and others websites. How you lay them out and share them is where your creative content makes a difference.


imagesYou will be surprised how far you will be after a month of just writing.


I am a numbers person, so writing was not even in my vocabulary for many years, I didn’t need it.numbers




Until I needed a financial change, did I not even consider that blogging could be so much fun. Did you know that you could make a lot of money just writing and sharing?



My life has changed so much over the time since I started. I am looking at the Internet so much differently now. I get a schedule of a topic and then just help others by sharing information that I have found that will give others value.


When you need help in setting up a blog, or learning how to fit in all together Make Money Bloggingwith a money making tool, then you need to check out my platform here at Empower Network.


It is your business, it is your content, it is your creativity that you can be proud of.


Get in NOW and watch your life grow around you and how much more you can stand up straight and say “LOOK AT ME”!  CLICK HERE


I believe in you,


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2 thoughts on “How Organized Content Has Created My BLOG

  1. Love your blog Sandy and love these great ideas to help others organize content and have it visually appealing as well. Just outstanding! Thank you for sharing and for the resources for others to get involved in the blogging challenges as well. SO much fun indeed! 🙂

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