Sometimes we forget about the simple things that are right in front of us!


Look around where you are right now. What do you see?


I am at my desk, so we have paper, sticky notes, writing utensils, a stapler, a notepad, and a computer or a tablet. What do you see?


Were are you at? I sometimes like to go to the park, or I do a lot of things in my car or at an appointment in the waiting room.


What are some of the simple things that are useful to you through out the day? We always forget about the things we take for granted until we do not have them.


  1. Google Apps Page

    What do you have on you home page of your browser? For me its the Google app page. From there I can get to my Calendar, my documents, my email, my pictures and my videos. These are things that I use everyday.

    Easy access makes my life simple.  I seem to have them on any device that I have in front of me no matter where I am.  I can always do some work.  Even though my work is not work to me, its sharing with others.


    Google App Page





  1. Breathing

    Unleash and let yourself Breathe!

    Let yourself be free from the chains that you put on in your own life. You are in your own prison. Break free. You do not need to prove yourself to anyone else but yourself.

    Give yourself permission to breathe! There is no playbook or coach, it is up to you.freedom

    When I realized that was the first step I needed to take, to change my atmosphere and thinking, I felt new again. I felt a burden off and I was able to breathe.

    I have learned that filling your mind and your surroundings with positive things and audio of inspiration all day long that the hard ships and sorrows diminish.

    Take the simple steps and start renewing yourself.



Now I have a video for you on self confidence.  (you might need to turn up the volume)

This is a great message that I would like to share, but I wanted you to hear it from me, so enjoy.


I have learned so much about how audios work and how my life has changed, when I changed the simple things around me.

Come and listen for yourself. Give it 90 days and see where you are. See the banner below, or Click here.



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