Where can you go and have a great time, meet new and interesting people, learn from their challenges and come home with so much motivation to achieve anything you want?


A company event like no other.


I have worked in the corporate world for many years and I thought that is how you made money. You went to work, got paid, then you came home to have a life.


After a while, you seemed to have to work more and more because you needed more money to have more life.


Your social life started to die off, and your money was stuck. You were at the mercy of your boss. They only paid you so much and you had to wait for that raise, if they were generous enough to give it.


Well, what if something happened, and you can’t work anymore?


Where does the money come from then?It's Free



That is where I was, when my husband was diagnosed with cancer my life changed, I needed to find a way out of the money chasing life. I wanted to be able to do the things that we wanted to do and never got the chance.



I came across a company that has so much inspiration from people all over the world, doing exactly what they want to do.


Sound to good to be true?


It really isn’t, these kind of companies have been around for decades, people didn’t want to believe them, or thought they had to get a job to make real money.

Yes tell me more

Coming home from the last event, which we had in Nashville, TN, I had a feeling of hope, a feeling of inspiration that I could go high as I wanted. I knew that there was an escape from the everyday worry.


I want to share with you just what it is and how you too can have something of your own and be able to live a life of freedom before the Good Lord brings you home.


Blogging cash in on blogging


Yes, Blogging,  That is what all of us do.   Our company events are places where people come from all over the world to learn how others are doing.  It is a time to share what we have learned.  A time to meet people that are doing what we are doing.   See them face to face and know they are a real person, with struggles and challenges, just like us.


We are not alone.


What is blogging you say?   Over the last week I been breaking it down to what blogging really is.  (See the side bar for older posts, or search for topics)   That is what I do, is share.


Back to blogging,  It starts with a great foundation.   This is your story, your passion, what makes you ‘YOU’.  First Letter B.


 Then your off,  Building an Image,  branding yourself.   Who are you?  Others want to know.   Pictures, logos, taglines.  Second letter L.


Now its time to organize and create great content that others would like to read.   Do you have a passion, or something that you have been researching?   Share this for others to read also.  By you putting it in your words, I know that people will understand it better.   Off to the letter O


 Last, but not least.  We have what puts it all together, and helps you share with others and build your own network.  That is one reason why we are called Network Marketers.   We broadcast what we found and pull others in to share what they have to share.   The last letter in the word blog, G.



Come and see how inspirational you can be, and how you can make your life have more meaning and financial freedom.



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 Come and blog about your passion. Can you find things you want to share with others, then learn how to make money doing that. Its a lot of fun…..Don’t miss out.  See the banner below.


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