What Questions Do You Ask Yourself?


You can live out your life imagining ghosts or worrying about the What, Where and Why of the future, but all there will ever be is what is happening right NOW. All that matters are the decisions that are made in THIS moment, which are based on your ‘WHY’.


Many times what we REALLY want seems impossible to obtain and beyond reason even to hope for, so we dare not set our sights on it. We say it’s only dreaming and not possible to attain. It remains a misty, hazy that we file, we store it in the category of: ” woulda, coulda, shoulda.”


Then “life” happens, “time flies” and we find ourselves where we are right now… and this pattern repeats itself over and over…We are stuck in our jar with the lid on so tight that we now cannot breathe and we are trying to escape….




YOU decide, in THIS moment, that what you truly want out of life, for you and your family. IT IS POSSIBLE and to bring it into reality, you WILL specifically define what you want and FOCUS on making it a reality.


Do you have something that will poke holes in your lid to give you air? Or unscrew it and help the pressure leave.


In practical terms, “making it happen” requires a detailed plan and the most optimized tools possible to get it done. Organizing all of this and pulling it all together is one BIG reason that most people never even try.


“Life is not ‘out there’ somewhere, it is right here, right now…and the ONLY thing that matters is what you do NEXT.

– Walter Kerr


What you should do NEXT, Where do you turn to, if you truly desire to live life on YOUR terms is… and with your ‘WHY’!



What is it that I do?


I inspire others to take action in their lives and make a difference.   Finding your true self can open doors and unscrew lids that you never knew where there. Living from within yourself you can achieve any goal you set!


Have our ever wondered what you like and what you like to do?? Most would call that a passion! All of us have a passion if you think you do or not.


Here is my story and see if you can relate to what I say! Am a married mother of two wonderful children, now grown up themselves! I was OK with them leaving the house because it gave my husband and I the time to enjoy each other again.. It seemed to be a good life, a good job, a roof over my head, and to others. It looked great.



But it felt like something was missing. I had been an accountant for so many years I could do it in my sleep, and through my years I dabbled in IT and even had a stock broker’s license. One would say I had it good.



So what was the problem?



It was when I started to think about retirement that things started to change. I started to look at life a little different. I wanted more. I wanted to remodel my house. I wanted to see more of what the world had to offer, before my body wouldn’t let me, but I was stuck. Living like a lot of others from paycheck to paycheck.



My Jar was getting full and I did not have an out. The lid was on and very tall. I was sinking into it further. Where was all of this extra stuff coming from?


It seemed like I couldn’t get ahead.   Finding another job at my age and knowledge was limited to none. Loosing rank, benefits, starting at the bottom again for another company just did not sound compelling.



Some can relate, and others will say so…..buck up it will all work out.



So you ask, what was I going to do! Where was I going to go! And Why would I want to do something now?



Are you going to tell me to settle? just stay and put up with it? That is life! You have a great job so why are you complaining!




Well, I will tell you I am not going to just settle, I am going to pick myself up, kick myself in the butt and work for myself. Yes, make more money for my needs and my goals than any other kind of Employee can get. I just do not want to have a traditional job.   Others that do that are considered socially unemployable.



Think I’m nuts?



That’s fine, go ahead and think that, or you can get up and let me help you achieve that same purpose! Expand your mind, go with your gut, reach deep down inside of you and say “this is enough!”



Think it’s possible?



Do you feel that you can trust me?



If you say no, I understand. You don’t know me well enough   read more…..

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