Did you get a good night sleep last night?
I did and you want to know what makes it even better? I make money while I sleep!

Say What?!?
Make money while you sleep? What are you talking about!


How did you earn the money from your job? Do you have be present and accounted for to earn your hourly wage? Does your business extend the earning potential past the 8 hour shift? What do you need to have accomplished in order to get paid for it? Hard labor or sleep?


Do you earn a commission on each project? Is it a rolling commission? Do you even know what I am talking about?


Maybe if you heard me say it in person……..




Most traditional jobs require you to show up, sign in on a time card and then by recording your hours you are paid for your time. It is normally set with a pay scale and that is it. You are set, you know how much you will be getting at the end of the day or month. It never changes until that yearly raise comes or you get lucky and receive a bonus.


Or, are you the sales man who has that product to sell? You know loading up your car or whatever and dragging it all over with you to see if people are interested in what you have to offer. Do you get a percentage of the sales? Do you have closets full of product? Do you get reimbursed for your time and expenses?


It doesn’t have to be that hard.


OK, you want to know my secret?


I love working for myself. I can work from home in the hours that I set. I can work in the park, in a coffee shop, in my car, on a plane, you name it. Where ever I can or want to. No checking in with anyone else.


But the best part is……my work never really ends……even though I am not always there.


Cool HUH?


Would you like something like that? Oh, you probably don’t. That is not something you can do. You need that assurance that your paycheck comes on a certain day and for a certain amount.


Did you ever think what would happen if the business closes its door unexpectedly? Who do you blame? Not the company, you have no control over that. Now where are you going to get that paycheck? Find another job, right?


I bet you are still wondering what I do? What if I tell you that I  Blog……yep, that is it.

Chit Chat.com

Want to know a little more? OH, probably not; right? You are just fine and that is not for you. OK, then thank you for reading about my fun way to wake up. You probably just need another cup of coffee or the chit chat in the break room.  Have fun with that or click the banner below.

See you at the coffee shop or at the park.


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2 thoughts on “My Income Has Increased While I Sleep and Brought Peacefulness To My Life

  1. WHOO HOO! Congrats Sandy! Gotta love the laptop lifestyle and what you’re offering is definitely a better way than the old school way of doing things, at least in our opinion. FREEDOM RULES! Thanks for leading the way and showing others what’s possible when they make a decision and take action! 🙂

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