I have been writing on my two other blogs and I wanted to catch up with all of my followers here.  Blogging is such a wonderful business to have.   It is peaceful, motivating, relaxing, you can find enjoyment and sorrow.  I have found that it is my meditation for a troubling day or my inspiration for happy moments and my outlet for sharing things with others.

A recent survey published went on to reveal that 4% of people who blog make over $10,000 per month…$10,000.00! Now, let me ask you… If someone were willing to show you how you can be a part of the 4% of people that blog, and are earning $10,000+ per month, would you be interested?

If you answered YES – then you owe it to your-self to ask me how!

But first I want to share the other blogs that I have been writing over the past: Please bookmark my blogs so you don’t miss anything to come. I love to share what I found.

Sandy’s Jar (Jar Ideas)

What, Where, Why and then When. Questions to Ask Yourself

What Questions Do You Ask Yourself?

You can live out your life imagining ghosts or worrying about the What, Where and Why of the future, but all there will ever be is what is happening right NOW. All that matters are the decisions that are made in THIS moment, which are based on your ‘WHY’.

Many times what we REALLY want seems impossible to attain and beyond reason even to hope for, so we dare not set our sights on it. We say it’s only dreaming and not possible to attain. It remains a misty, hazy that we file, we store it in the category of: ” woulda, coulda, shoulda.”

Rewinding your Business for a Fresh Start, Go Fishing

What do you do to Rewind and get a fresh start in your Business?

Do you ever have a problem of being overwhelmed and feeling like the piles on your desk or even the piles of laundry or dust bunnies are getting so large that you do not know where to start?   You know what you need to do, and you have all these ideas, but you keep piling on more.

You just want to scream with frustration, if you are like me you brain just keeps thinking and whatever you try to do takes longer than you want and just doesn’t quite look right.

How to Get Your Motivation and Energy Going, Even On Your Bad Day

Motivation is the key to finding the energy to get started on any project. Big or small it takes that motivation to kick us in the butt and get us going.

Have you every had one of those days where you just do not feel like doing anything, you wish you could just crawl into a corner with a blanket and zone out for a while. You have no energy to do what is needed to be done.

You feel stumped and forgotten! You feel tired and worn out!

Hacks That Can Give You The Opportunities and Strength That You Need When Starting Something New

Have you found something that will help you gain strength and power from within your core? Is it Truth or Hype?

Have you ever had your life running smoothly, so you thought and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, KaWam! It hits…..and you are turned upside down and not sure how or which direction you need to go.

Have you been there, do you know what I am talking about?

Have you lost your strength and think that all opportunities are gone?

When I started my new career, I did it because the KaWam had hit me, I needed a change, I needed my jar of what I called my life to be unscrewed and opened. I was in a state of mind that needed to see things of where I wanted to go and do things that I only thought about in my dreams.

Then it hit. I found a place for me, but to really get there I needed to learn a few things to set me in the right direction. Is it Truth or Hype?

Here are some tips, and read on to see what else I learned.

Breaking to Freedom (Fight Another Day)


Have you ever had something happen in your life that just turned it Upside down?

That is what has happened to me, and I am now ready to share with you what that was and to maybe help you learn from my experiences.

Cancer came into our lives about a year ago, and that is one word that can change the way your dreams and planning go.  It all come to an end and turned a different corner.   Your outlook has a different look, your calendar needs shifted and your whole life is now end over end.  Upside down.


We all diagnose ourselves on a daily basis.  Some days we are tired, some days we are happy, and other days just plain mischievous.

But what if you are diagnosed with a Sarcoma!

One lesson we learned right away was to not go right for the Internet and look it up.  That can scare the living daylights right out of you.

You need to just take a deep breath and search for doctors.  You need to find one …..


When you life has changing events that can cause uncertainty how do you survive?

When you are faced with cancer treatments you need to set a few things in order to help you become more relaxed and have a little more sense of relief, so you can concentrate on what is really important,  Getting well!

Some Facts:

Your treatment process is one that is filled with changes and uncertainty.  When will this be done or how can I plan ahead?   Those answers can be difficult, because each patient responds differently to treatment.

Thank you for reading,Time for a Change


P.S. If you are tired of trying to figure things out on your own, and you are ready for someone to show you the way…

A way that has worked for others, and has an honest potential of working for you too, then…I encourage you to ask me how or watch this video right now!

P.P.S.  To just join and start earning money.  CLICK HERE

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