Why do we help others when they need it? Questions and gifts can be so important.


Being a caregiver of someone who has cancer can be challenging some times. What do you do, how can you help?


I found myself just sitting there starring, wondering, and asking, but still not knowing. Most of the time there isn’t anything you really can do but to just be there.


As time has passed I figured out a few things and for those of you, like me, who want to help but just don’t know how, listen up.


I have a list and some ideas for you.


I want to start off with saying is that Cancer is NOT contagious, so if your friend or loved one has cancer ….. give them a hug to let them know you’re on their side.


Actually where can the list start, it got to be so long when I started to give it some thought.


But, here are some ideas and thoughts I have collected and try to remember:




Run errands

Cook and bring food

Yard work or taking out the trash

Maintenance on the vehicle. Filler up.

Call and chat. They are still your friend or family.

Vacuum, dust, wash dishes do laundry or make the bed.


Bring a movie


Take them for a ride

Let them know you are “on call” for emergencies. And mean it!

Gift a good book

Tell them you love them and care

Text or email a silly joke or photo.

Make them laugh

Buy a monthly parking pass for family members. Hospital parking gets expensive.


Gift a hat or scarf

Gift a comfy blanket

Ask what they need most right now….then do it.

To get more Ideas:  44 Ways to Make the Day of Someone With Cancer


Now that you know some things that can help, another important lesson is to listen and ask questions:


Have you ever had days where you just want to be left alone? You want the peace and quiet? It doesn’t mean that you are sick, or mad, you just want to be left alone! One of the nicest things you can say and is a big help in many situations is: “I’m just going to stay with you for a few minutes, and we don’t have to talk.


Cancer can have different effects on different people. As the illness can heighten and magnify everyone’s essential characteristics. You need to learn how to tune into that.

Learn how to see the mood swings and relate to them.


One thing to remember, they are still the  Continue Reading

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