Turning points in Life, What is Your Change?


What is your turning point? Do you see a change coming or do you just go through your day just the same as the last.


I always wanted to be a mom. I never gave it much thought about if I was going to work and raise a family. But as our family grew I needed that income to keep up with it. So I worked part-time when they were small and went full time when they started school.


So where are your turning points?


What causes you to stop and change? How about slowing down and wondering where to go from there? Does something unexpected happen that is either exciting, indifferent, or just boring? Do you have disasters or challenges? Did you or your family have illness?


Is your income enough to do what you want?


dreamsAs my time went on, it wasn’t a choice anymore, I had to work to make ends meet. Having to make sacrifices and choices became a norm. I needed that turning point to change that. I didn’t want to have to choose anymore. But how was I going to do that?


What is your turning point?


If you look back, was there a point that was painful yet you needed to move on in a different direction? Most likely it was a sacrifice you made or you can see that you ignored or your inner call to give something else up.


Is there now a sign?


Now that the kids are grown, do I hear that inner call? That chance for a choice that can be all mine? What would you do? What would your turning point look like? What would I change if I knew anything was possible?




Sandys Jar


I found out that change is possible. I found my turning points! I came about and I know you can too! I jumped out of my shell, I let the lid of my jar come off! It’s time to unblock my thinking, unblock my mind of answers that I have been giving myself for all this time.



Start by asking new questions.


If you don’t ask, you will never know. Others might say that there is no such thing as a bad question. If you do not know the answer then how will you ever, if you don’t ask!


To get you started, here are some that you might want to ask:


What would it take to change this ____ whatever “this” is?


Am I willing to put that into action?


Do you need more financial freedom?


Is there something from the inside that is holding me back, not allowing me to move forward?


Take some time to reflect and look at what you might do. How can it benefit? What value can you see?




As a mom and a wife I have invested a lot, but I needed a turning point, I needed something for me! It’s not selfish, it’s not turning your back on your family; it is filling part of you that is missing to make you whole.


You will be happier and better for all. I know the changes I have made, I invested in myself and started a blog.


It was a perfect match.




This is what I found…..I am challenging you to look it over and see where you can go and how it can benefit you and your life.

 Make Money Blogging

You might not realize how simple changes can make a world of difference. I want to see the new and refreshed you. I know you have it in there someplace.


Act on your core and take the action to make your turning points in the right direction.


Turning points in Life | What is Your Change? 

Come and start sharing this with others.



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P.S.  see the banner below to start your new turning point and expand your mind to create and dream.   Come learn how to create a blog to financial freedom and happiness.


6 thoughts on “Turning points in Life | What is Your Change?

  1. Hi Sandy I loved your post. I had a turning point almost two years ago when I took early retirement to spend more time with my husband. It really made me stop and think what I wanted to do and now 18 months later, I, like you have found that in blogging. I’m not an expert in writing and still trying to work out exactly where it should go. I’m having fun and meeting lovely people along the way that is the main thing. #FridayReflections

    1. Tara, change is hard for many people. I see it everyday all around me. There is so much out there we need to get our piece of it.

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