Have you been struggling? See what was holding me back in my life and see what I did to go on W/O all the struggles


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Have you ever felt stuck?  Not being able to move or change?

That was me.  I was in a place where I was feeling like I had no movement, no say, like I was just here living my days out till the end. Nothing was getting done, nothing was changing. My life was in a Jar with the lid on tight.  Everything was filling it up and I was ready to explode.  My struggles were overcoming my happiness.

I had raised my children and they were out on there own.  The empty nest was showing the rags that were left.  The broken down and well used house, the bills of raising and sending them to college.  It is a real burden and I had nothing in savings left to pick up and do anything else.

I was never home because I needed to work to keep the roof over my head and the lights on.  My kids suffered for it, needing to choose when I could follow what they were doing because I could not just leave work when I wanted to. I would have to pick and choose which bills to pay when and hope I still had enough for gas and food.

Then of all things my husband was diagnosed with cancer.  Sarcoma which is one of the rarest types of cancer.  Now what ….. what do you do now….how do you plan for anything….. how do you get out of debt to enjoy what life you have left.  REALITY HIT HARD!!!!

We were struggling anyway to stay afloat and now with sickness and all; getting down to one income was a must.  But how?  We have no savings to speak of, how do you pay things off quickly, just to stay living?  What can you live with and live without?  Financial pressures make any sickness even harder.

I started hating it,  we never had extra money to do anything.  I would see others shopping, traveling to fun places or going on Cruises.  For me it was a fantasy or a dream.

Then one day I was fed up, and started really looking at what I had.  I know, some would say, you have a good job, what is wrong with you?

You want to know what is wrong?Simple Story

I was stuck, I was tired of getting up everyday and doing the same thing over and over  and over again.  I had no where to grow, my hours and pay scale were set by someone else.  I felt stuck and needed an out or a change, but go where, do what?  I would have to pack up and move.  Did I mention my house is falling apart and my husband is sick?  Move?  Ha Ha.

Financial FreedomI was tired of working and possibly going to one income was scary! And retire when I am 100 year old.  No thank you. So looking for other options was where I went. I knew there was something I could do on the Internet.  Control my own hours and my own life, work when I wanted to and start enjoying what life is all about.

I want to stay home with my husband and enjoy our life together.  I want to retire (before I am 100) and not have the burden of thinking of Bridge Video4where the money would come from.


The issue was, I had never figured out how to truly succeed in my own business and how to begin online. The important thing was that I saw others having success, so I knew it was possible. I just needed the right information and guidance to make it happen for myself.
See the worldI made the decision that I wasn’t willing to waste any more time working to build someone else’s dream, and that I would do everything in my power to learn how to work from home and be there for my family. So, I turned to Google and began searching for solutions…
I’ve learned a lot over the past couple of years, and what I was missing back then was the confidence to make a new decision. I was so programmed into thinking that my financial life was governed by someone else that I was completely unaware that there were so many options to build wealth available right at my fingertips…



Are you struggling financially right now?

Are you a mother and wife like ME, and ………..   sick of trading time for money and feel like you were meant for more than you’re currently experiencing?


I’m here to tell you, there is a way out…and it all begins with the decision that enough is enough and it is time for a change. You are worth it, your children and husband are worth it. You deserve to NEVER miss a beat in their lives. Don’t let the story society is telling you steal the precious time you have with them, because you can never get it back…


As you now realize that you were meant for more, and that your family deserves to have you and your time with them, I invite you to discover the door I went through to escape the nightmare I found myself in…


…if you know that you’re not currently fulfilling your purpose in the job you’re in and you truly desire FREEDOM…physically, mentally, and financially…then I invite you to click this link or click the photo below and step into the doorway of your freedom now… I challenge you!!

Presentation access

…discover how I’ve been able to pull myself from the depths of time and debt, to step into a life of financial freedom…and how YOU can do it too. You might just make today be the pivotal point in your life where you might say: “Enough is enough, I’m making this happen this year, that’s period!”


“Only YOU have the power to make a change in your life. The next five years of your life will look exactly like the last five unless you make the decision to CHANGE right now…I’m here to guide you into your own personal freedom…”


Here’s What I want you to do next: Download my free guide, you’ll be redirected to a page where you put your email in. Plug your email in and my FREEDOM FORMULA Guide will be sent to your inbox in minutes.

As you plug your email inside, your going to be redirected to a video where you’ll be introduced to David Wood and the system I use to help me create the success I have today. Watch his video with an open mind & you might just make a decision to go ALL IN! ( You’ll know what that means once your inside)

I encourage you to go through it, and be inspired to overcome whatever may be hindering you from reaching you full potential.  You will also have the opportunity to learn more about the system I’ve used to create my dream life, and how we can work together to achieve your goals in 2015 🙂

Here are others that I know personally that have it going for them too.  See what they are saying:

Lawrence Tam



social proof



See you on the other side,starting


 Sandy Mangis




PS… In case you’re curious to know how you can start earning additional income from home while being a caretaker and mom, you can view the business system I use, right here 🙂

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