Have you ever had a friend or a loved one in the hospital or sick at home and you just were not sure what you can do for them? Do you spend hours trying to dig up stuff to put in one and still not get it sent?


I am here to tell you I found an answer to that question!


Take it from a caretaker of a cancer patient to write down things that are being used on a daily basis or things that came in handy in the time of need.


We all want care packages and they can come in many forms.


Here is a short list from me to start this off and then I have a few other lists that will get you thinking.

  1. A friend to talk to or just to sit with
  2. A funny card or joke
  3. A good memory to put their mind on


There are so many things you can do, just being there and asking how you can help is the BEST.


Now for the fun part,   I need you to make a list of how you would help a friend and leave it in the comments below…… Here are some examples…..


10 College Care Package Ideas


  1. Food:If your child is in college, these will undoubtedly come in handy for late night snacking after partying studying: popcorn, cookies, Ramen noodles, Easy Mac, Little Debbie Cakes, chips. Trust me, your kid and his/her roommates will love you for this.
  2. Gift Cards:Instead of giving them money (which they could use on things like beer), give them gift cards to places such as restaurants, Walmart, theaters, iTunes, and Blockbuster.
  3. Hometown Newspaper:Send your child a little slice of home and the ability to keep up with the hometown news.
  4. Essentials: Kids fresh out of the nest don’t always remember to buy essentials such as toothpaste, soap, antibacterial cleaning items, and Kleenex, so help them stay stocked up.
  5. Rolls of Quarters:It’s such a pain to have to go get change for the laundry machines, so a roll of quarters to take to the laundromat is much appreciated.
  6. Photos:Even though I was hundreds of miles away from home, just looking at the gazillion photographs that lined my ugly bricked dorm room wall made me feel better. Photographs tend to be the main element of decor in most dorm rooms, so send them some fresh pics that they can put up.
  7. DVDs/CDs:Toss in a DVD or CD that you know your child has been wanting.
  8. Hats/Scarves/Mittens: Whenever the temperature started getting cold, my mom always sent me a scarf or hat. I really appreciated it because I hadn’t thought of packing these small items when I moved.
  9. School Supplies:It’s amazing how many pencils, pens, and notebooks you go through in a semester. Always good to keep plenty in stock, so please send!
  10. Plastic Container: Send your package in a plastic container; that way, your child can reuse it to store items.

Read more Here:http://thestir.cafemom.com/big_kid/109187/10_college_care_package_ideas



16 Care Packages That Any College Kid Would Love


This blog lists out and explains why they are a good idea.http://www.buzzfeed.com/robfranklin/you-dont-have-to-share#.aagw94dBb



The “Good Luck On Your First Day” Care Package


The “Pun” Packagecare package


The “Home in a Box” Care Package


care package The “Box of Sunshine” Care Package



The Birthday Care Package



And the “Cut to the Chase” Care Packagecare package








Now for a chemo care package; You can specialize this for a man or a woman. Wonderful ideas.

care package

  1. Fluffy blanket
  2. Fluffy socks
  3. Heating Pad
  4. Scarf (all to keep warm during/after her chemo treatments)
  5. Bottles of water (to stay hydrated)
  6. iTunes Gift Card
  7. A couple good books
  8. Chapstick (to keep her list from drying out, which is a side effect of chemo)
  9. Sudoku Puzzle Book
  10. Trashy Magazines
  11. Hard Candy (to help keep her mouth moist and to help with mouth sores)
  12. Bath Stuff
  13. Kleenex
  14. Cocoa Butter Lotion (this is great for dry skin, a side effect of chemo)
  15. A cute t-shirt
  16. Framed encouraging print
  17. Cottonelle Wipes (a side effect of chemo is diarrhea)
  18. Germ-X (to keep the germs away)
  19. Keychain, cross earrings, and other trinkets
  20. Love Notes (a note written by each friend who contributed)
  21. Snickers (her favorite candy


Come and see how she Juli puts it together:  https://soidontforgetblog.wordpress.com/2014/07/09/chemo-care-package/


And one last point before you start to make your own list.   When my husband was in the hospital having chemo the nurse brought him one of these. This was a wonderful surprise and what was inside was priceless. Matt had hit the nail on the head. Even though it was centered more for breast cancer the thought and items he included were really needed by all.care package


He has started a fundraiser that is for a great cause and I know the lives that he has touched has meant more than you can even imagine.


Check out his page and help those in need. http://www.mattschemobags.com/


OK…..Now is your time, what would you like to see in the care package that you might receive, or what would you put in one if you were to send one out. Let me know so we can all share with the world.


 No one cares how much you know, till they know how much you care!!


Come and share, it will put a smile on your face,




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