Oh That Takes time! Is that an excuse or a challenge?


This is an objection that a lot of people say when they are asked to do something.

How do you answer it?

Is it true or have you convinced yourself that you are really busy?


Do you want to know some of the secrets on how to have more time and energy? Secrets to getting more time to have fun and enjoy what you have?


And YES, it starts with an income to help you do that.


But, stop reading now if you think you are too busy………! If you don’t want to know the answer. Others do, so let them have all the fun and the time freedom you wish you had.


I think every individual has his or her own power, and it’s a matter of working, taking time and defining what that power is.

Jill Scott


Now that you found time, Let us take a look at those secrets.


Many things take time.

Time is all around us, we all have the same amount so it just matters how you use it and where you can find more.


Think about when you are cooking! You need to cook the food long enough for your health and your taste buds. Do you like you’re steamed veges to be hard? I don’t! Do you like your hamburger to be red in the middle? Oh, and do you remember the smells in the house when the ham is cooking all day. Or the time you had to wait for the chocolate chip cookies to come out of the oven.


Then you might do some laundry. How long do you have to wait for the washing machine to clean your clothes or do you just dip them in the water and wring them out? It takes time to get them clean.


I want you to take one of your days and put it down on paper…… are you surprised at how long something took and how much other time you wasted?   Did you watch any TV? Did you take a nap?  Were you proactive and doubled up on some duties?


“The same hot water makes an egg hard and a potato go to mush. Circumstances are irrelevant if you’re made of the right stuff.

Daniel Preistly


It takes time to drive to your travel location. It’s not Star Trek and you can beam there.

Wine takes time to taste really good, or you just have grape juice.

Creating a business, it takes time. You need a location, product, customers, traffic. What else can you think of?


So what do you want, that you might make the excuse that you do not have TIME for?!?


Here is one way to learn how to prioritize.



Here is a secret that I learned when I thought “Oh, that takes time”.


When I was introduced to this blogging business I thought I was really busy.  I had obligations and needs from others.  I thought how can I find the time to write and blog and get leads and ……. etc.  I was busy and that takes time!


Now,  others ask me how I get it all done.  They say “I can’t believe what you do, I could never do that, I don’t have time. But, I wanted the benefits it had….staying at home and still getting a great income.


I will tell you, when you learn the secrets of plugging into here, and plugging into there, your hours will just appear.  You will learn how to tackle just about anything.  You will have the ability to fill in ever moment with ease and not stress.


After a while you will have more things accomplished in one day than you could do in a week.  Think I am kidding.  Come in and see what I mean and try to prove me wrong.

Click here to get the Inner Circle program and learn the secrets.


Want to learn something new or relearn something you are having issues with?  Through starting the Inner Circle program  I found so many extra hours in my day.  It is so surprising when you can fit a training session into.


There’s so much to appreciate about my life every single day, and I make a big point of taking time to smell the roses and noticing how lucky I am. I never want to take that for granted.

Josie Maran


What if you don’t have time, how do you find it?

Finding the extra time is mostly up to you.  Take the paper I had you do earlier and find the gaps and listen to the Inner Circle audios to help you fill those in, and before you know it your business or personal life will be taking off in lots of different directions.


You shouldn’t feel guilty about taking time for yourself. Every so often, everyone needs to give themselves a big ol’ bear hug and treat themselves to some TLC.

Sean Covey



Do you make excuses, do you groan about it and then do you know what happens when you get it done?

last time

The world has a whole new look, you have a new energy flow and an uplifting. Do you feel like you can tackle more?


So find something to write about, to share and it will give you a great inner feeling when you are done.


What are you spending your time on!


Are you struggling getting things done. Are you always behind on your chores or your work, and wonder why others are doing it and ask how they have the time?


People ask me how I do it all the time.


Do I have a secret weapon behind me that helps me in my tasks? Do I have help? Then they say, I just don’t know how you do it and where you get the time to get it all done!


I just want to laugh and say I have the same 24 hours as you do!



You want to know what the Inner Circle is? Keep reading or click here.


My life, like a lot, has many things going on at once.   As you age you gather more and more things and have many more responsibilities. How do you keep up with them? How do you get everything in its place and give it the time that is needed.


Why am I asking?


Have you had time to read this blog?time


Then if I show you how I make my money and offer it to you, will you give me the answer: “I don’t have time?”


Did you? Or was it another excuse?


What if I told you it takes less time as you go about it? Do you think you can find the time to start?


My secret answer: “Just do it”. Don’t make anymore excuses. What do you have to lose? A little time and the loss of some great income. Click the Banner below.

Make some Time you will be happier with yourself,



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One thought on “Little Known Secrets that Will Change the Way You Think About “Oh, That Takes Time!”

  1. Awesome point here. I just wrote about this the other day. You really have to sit down and focus on how much time things take and how much time they SHOULD take. Makes you think about productivity.

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