Have you ever thought about writing or creating an e-book? What would you write about? Do you even know what an e-book is?


For me, write an e-book?

What would I write about?

What could I teach someone else.

Or better yet when there is so much information online why would I need to write one myself!

Could I make money on it?

The more I thought about it the more I started having ideas.


I am the type of person who explains things well, I have others coming to me for explanations all the time. I sit them down and we walk through it. I like doing that, and even for me if I don’t know the answer I work through it until it works. That is who I am.


I suppose that is the mom coming out of me.


But, when someone suggested that I write an e-book to get my business off and running I thought What? How? and a few more questions to go with it!


You hear about those that have created an e-book for this subject and for that idea. And the biggest part of it is that they are making a lot of money from it.


Lets break that down and see if it is possible for me and even for you!


So what is an e-book?





noun: e-book

  1. an electronic version of a printed book that can be read on a computer or handheld device designed specifically for this purpose.
    • a dedicated device for reading electronic versions of printed books.


Or better yet: An e-book is an electronic version of a traditional print book that can be read by using a personal computer or by using an e-book reader. Users can purchase an e-book on diskette or CD, or the most popular method of getting an e-book is to purchase a downloadable file from a Web site.


E-books are presented to the reader visually or aurally, with only the limitations of the electronic publishing’s potential. Components other than text have been considered enhancements, including multimedia (sound, images, film/video/animated graphics), however they want it to be displayed.


Although it is not necessary to use a reader application or device in order to read an E-book (most books can be read as PDF files), they are becoming so popular because they enable options similar to those of a paper book – readers can bookmark pages, make notes, highlight passages, and save selected text, yet you do not have to have the pile of books with you.


If you ever thought about creating an e-book now is the time. What would you like to share. Most of the creators are just ordinary people sharing things that they know. They aren’t teachers or marketers per say, but they have a desire to show others what they like to do.


With this demand is on the rise for online courses it gives anyone, like you and me, willing to try this type of creation the opportunity to start – and – grow – their online business. When you learn how to overcome some of the challenges, you too can create a great money making opportunity right from your home computer.


Ok, before I tell you how to get started and to get your mind thinking, I wanted to share some history of the e-book.




History of the e-book


It started with an idea in 1945 Vannevar Bush, a pioneering engineer in the development of analogue computing, published an article in which he introduced the Memex: a hypothetical instrument to control the ever-accumulating body of scientific literature. He envisioned an active desk that performed as a storage and retrieval system. A Memex user would consult a book by tapping a code on a keyboard, bringing up the text. The Memex had many features that are now familiar components of e-books: pages, page turners, annotation capability, internal and external linking, and the potential for storage, retrieval, and transmittal. However, Bush imagined that all this would be accomplished through the miracle of microfilm.

Then with experiments from engineering students throughout the 70’s and 80’s when more and more people started to get personal computers the electronic age of the book grew. Then with “Apple Computer” developments it were born. Read more about it here:




Now for some of the challenges you might face if you are thinking of creating an e-book:


The Power of an Ebook

Finding an idea for your first course.

Creating the content for your course.

Setting up the technology to protect and sell your course.

Selling your course to the right people.




Lets break these down a bit.


Finding an idea: What can I come up with that is not already out there. That’s easy. If its out there and people are buying it then you already have a market for it and the buyers will come. If you come up with something new then the market is harder to get.


Finding an idea comes from inside of you. People like to buy from people who are similar to them, and if you show them “Hey, I was just like you, and I learned how to do it.” it will help people believe they can do it too.


Ok, I know what you are thinking…..”Why would they buy this e-book, when they can get the same information for free?”


I will tell you, sure they can, but they have to find it and then figure out what is legit and what is not.   This can become a full time job just to learn a simple thing. What do you do when you google something? Get overwhelmed, and making heads or tails of the advice can get you spinning or lead down the wrong path.   Is it free? (come and read my other blog post)


So, there is what you call “getting what you pay for” When you pay for something it’s much more valuable that if you got it for free. Also, people rarely take action on the things that they read. However, when they PAY for something, they are more likely to take action and complete the task that they pay for. It’s a win for you and a win for them.


Most people genuinely care about other people. They truly want to support others they like and people who help them, so they are willing to pay for good information….ie: your e-book.


You don’t have to be an expert or have a marketing degree to share ideas and thoughts. You learn and then create, then learn some more and create some more. It’s hard to explain it any easier.



Get in while the time is right!


With the amount of people who are searching for things on the internet and then the growth of the online business, does it have you thinking “what can I do to get into this market?”


So, what do you think, Could you come up with an ebook?


When I started with my online business I started gathering and sharing. I needed to find my ground. I needed to find my words. Words can come in many forms, but you need to be visible and give your readers something to see. Now that I have things going smoothly, an e-book might just be the thing I need.


As I mentioned in the beginning, others keep asking if I am creating an e-book. So, this is me starting and you can start right alongside of me. It’s your invitation, click here to get started now.


How I am starting is by bogging. I am getting my feet wet, adapting, and aiming myself for the big dunk. This is the learning process. So my book starts. The more you start writing and flowing with ideas everyday will give you many options to share with others.


I know that you are thinking now!


I know you think that “I can do this too”!


So come start right alongside of me and buy your biog, and learn how to grow. Doing it together will give both of us the win.


Get started with your own here and learn how to find what you share to help you have a profitable business online too.


Stay tuned for the next section on getting you e-book started,



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19 thoughts on “Do You Struggle with Creating an Ebook? Solution Revealed In This Blog Post!

  1. Sandy,

    Good luck with your journey or educating other business owners. I have found writing an e-book is definitely a process. I personally keep all of my ideas in my notebook and try a lot of the ideas out as blog posts first. My first book is still a work in progress but it is going to be out in 2015.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Kim. My ideas have been in blog posts, now its time to summarize and put them toward a book.

  2. I have a free email weight loss challenge and I was encouraged to write an ebook which is pretty much the same as the email I send out daily. I did and I’ve been amazed at how many people get the book as well as the free emails even though they are the same. I don’t really know why that surprises me as I love ebooks. I’m pleased to say I’ve got 5 on my list now and more to come.

    1. Wendy, I am following you on this weight loss challenge. And for me who wasn’t a book lover and a numbers person. I am really getting into it. My eBook might take a little longer than others but its my challenge to complete.

  3. You’re an amazing wealth of information Sandy … thank you for sharing the nuts and bolts of the process of creating an eBook! I know this will inspire a lot of people to start creating their own!

  4. Thanks for this post, Sandy. It’s totally relevant for me right now, as I’m planning to right a little e-book soon 🙂

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