eBook creation: getting started with the basics.


You have decided that creating an eBook would be good for business.eBook


You looked over the challenges; see my other blog post here:




You now know what it is and now you want to start building a list of ideas. Things that you have an interest in. Things that you want to know more about.


The problem I have stumbled upon is where the eBook starts.


Making and outline?


Gathering information?


Or just start writing about your own experiences?


You want it to be a success, right? You have started a business to make money and you want your hard work to pay off and offer your readers with great information. But there are concerns. Why do people buy online courses?


Main answer!   They have a problem and want something or someone to help solve it!   Plain and simple!


But people aren’t always looking for new things. They don’t wake up and say “the first thing I’m going to do is buy an online course to learn something new”.


Do you like to learn things all the time? Some crave it but most do not, they just want things to go smooth and then go back to what they were doing.




So, what do we write about that others would like to buy?


Let’s look into this a little bit: why do you search the Internet? For fun or things that would make your life a lot easier?




So in creating your eBook we are going to start a “mini course”!   What do I mean? Well, for me, who is a numbers person writing a whole book will be a challenge all in itself. But, if I can do it so can you!


For getting our “mini eBook” started, here are a few things to help us.


  1. Make a list of things your friends and colleagues come to you for help with or ask you about?


Mine is business start-up. I am really good at bookkeeping and starting up businesses. Or it is managing a family and a career.


  1. Write a list of the types of things you think you can see yourself doing!


I am good at numbers, spreadsheets, organizing, layouts and designing. One thing I have always wanted to do as a child was be a Designer, but not having the school system to help me do that I had to settle for business.


Now I have found through my online courses that I can achieve things I never thought possible. Now I feel I have the power within me and the will to dig down inside of me and try to be who I want to be.


If you want to see for yourself what you can do, click here:


I would like you to think about what it is that you know how to do or wanted to do and see if you could teach it to others?


  1. Make a list of specific skills that YOU have.


Do you like to write, cook, and play an instrument, knit or crochet?   Do you like sports like baseball, judo, soccer, or underwater basket weaving?


I have been a career mom and can come up with many. Organization is a biggie.   Keeping calendars, timing things just right for more than one person and knowing what is important or not. I know about spreadsheets, meetings, emails and IT.


life questions 


Now stop reading and make your list!


Got it, good. Now we can move on.   Do I have you thinking?   Let me know in the comments below.



So that is your lesson for today.


Put on your thinking caps and stay tuned.   The next post will dive into finding the problems that your skills can help others with and things they are searching for.


Have you started in creating your eBook?



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