Have you started your eBook yet?


I know you might be scared, a little bit anxious or not sure if it is something you should do or not!


No? Well I was and still am a little.


With my blogging business, I have learned that reading is a very important part of creating yourself and building your business, so I am becoming more of a book lover.

But writing more than a blog might be difficult?

But as I am studying this a little more and giving you pointers, I am realizing that its not all that bad. So come have a listen and see what we can come up with together.


  1. E-Books or Print Books?

    I want to know what you prefer?

    I just recently started to read books on my tablet. I seemed to always want the hard back cover book. Not sure why, maybe because I wasn’t much of a reader before and when I have the book at hand I could bend the corners or put in my fancy bookmarks.

    Maybe it was so I could look at the pages and see how far I got and how far I still had to go. My patience for going slow and the suspense of finding out what is next would come over me.

    So, What do you prefer?

  2. Introduction to Ebook Publishing (Smashwords tutorial series, #1)

This video can be a little long, so bookmark this page so you can come back and find it again.


“In here you will learn how to produce, publish, distribute and sell an ebook. This tutorial, narrated by Mark Coker of Smashwords, offers a comprehensive primer on ebook publishing. No technical experience necessary! After a short personal introduction by Mark, he identifies the top 5 trends shaping the future of authorship, and then provides viewers a step-by-step ebook publishing checklist. Learn the key trends in the ebook market, ebook formatting secrets and how to create a cover that grabs readers. Next, Mark explains what Metadata is, and how authors can use it to increase the discoverability of their books. Additional sections of this tutorial explore and explain ISBNs, copyright, piracy, how to list your book at multiple ebook retailers, and how to market your book. A discussion on Viral Catalysts helps you learn how to increase the desirability of your book and how to maximize reader word of mouth. Be sure to check out other Smashwords tutorials! Learn to publish like a pro!”


If you have been following my blogs then you might have this in your mind and have started thinking you can do this to.   Since I decided to start laying it out and wondering about ideas, it hit me.Simplicity of an eBook


I have been writing one all along, it was just in a different format and kind of scattered. So now to take my bits and pieces and put them into book order.


Now, to get you on the right track come and learn how I got to where I am now, I want you to close your eyes and look at your life!


Do you have a picture?

Do YOU like what you see?

Do you feel that there could be something different?   Just do not know what it is?


You are not alone, I felt the same way.

What did I do, found this wonderful system that helped me reach inside and find something I was keeping a secret.

Check this video out and really listen to see if you are talking back and realizing that it can help you too.


Then enter into a new you and learn how to write your own eBook and new life to how you want to live.



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