Teaching someone something through an eBook.


Your Back! Did you make your list?   Are you ready to teach someone something through your own eBook?


As a numbers person learning that there is more to life than the day to day grind, of the same old month to month things that bookkeepers do; to finding who I am and what I like, learning how to express that is more than what words can describe.


How do you want to grow and how do you want to share is where your list has to come from.


Lets review the previous blog in case you missed it:



Searching For Your eBook Creation



Finding ideas for your eBook has been quite an adventure.




Now, Let’s find the Pain and Eliminate it!


As you were reading over your list and filling it out, did many things make your brain turn? I bet you came up with all sorts of things to write about. So many that you could still be write that list, right?


Oh, don’t worry if you are not done or the list is blank. I was there when I first started blogging. I will help you out. Just keep reading…….


Now the tough part…..pick just one… Keep the list though we might need it later.


My topic is something that I have done a couple times and seems to come natural to me. I told you in past blogs (like my story) that I am a numbers person and working with businesses of many different kinds of industries. I can set up the necessary basics every business needs. But I want to put a twist on it and add it back to a home based business.


lessons learnedHow is that for a topic? Do you feel the pain?


For some it might be quite a read, but here is where we do what we need, to get others to read it. So it doesn’t matter what your topic is as long as you have readers and buyers. That is the ultimate goal of an eBook, and a business bottom line.


So how do we start teaching!


I have a few steps on finding the right way to get going.


Step 1:  Find 3 to 5 best-selling books on the topic you chose.

Step 2: Read the reviews large and small, look for “trigger phrases.” A trigger phrase is an example of someone describing a problem in their life. Another one could be someone bragging about a success that they had.

You can use these to help in building your content and pulling in your readers to solve problems and point out accomplishments.

HINT: A side note, This is also great to come up with blog ideas.


Step 3:  make your list of “pain points” and then give “solutions” to the problems.


That’s it,   are you ready?


Oh, I kind of know how you feel. That seems like a lot of work. Well, you are writing a book are you not? I didn’t say you needed to do it in one day. I didn’t give you a deadline, so let’s get started. You might surprise yourself.


Just think of it as a conversation. How would you go about talking to a friend if they asked you a question? Did you know that is teaching? WOW


When you take someone’s pain and turn it into a positive, you would not realize how many other people can learn from that. Have you ever had a friend say “I never knew that before, thanks you for helping”.


Next plan of action is to turn this into a “mini segments”. Mine is coming from my blogs. When I started learning how to blog in my home based business, I never realized how much this could help me. I never realized how much I know.   Besides writing about the things that I like and finding topics to write about, I look back and see how far I have come.


When I started my blog a few years back, I just wanted to have a business that I could do from my home. Little did I realize how much more this could be, how much I would grow as a person, how much I would learn from others and from things that interested me.


I know that this can help you too.  Listen to this and decide for yourself.


This is something I want to show and teach others and let them see that they are capable of doing the same thing that I have found if not a whole lot more.


What I want you to do now is to start with you mini segments.  Just the key points, remember those outlines you did in school.   We are going to put them all together and voila…..you are now started.

Keep going and stay tuned for more….we are not done.



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3 thoughts on “Teaching someone something through an eBook.

  1. Thank you SO much Sandy, I appreciate this thoughtful post on E Book creation because I Am about to Make one As Well! I Will Definitely refer to what I Learned here!

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