E-book outlines


Digging in a little more on the Creation of your eBook.   Now it’s time to get to the outline or the chapters figured out so you know how the flow is going to work.


What is it that you want to share?

Is it something you are good at?

Is it a product that you like?

Is it something that you believe in that works to improve the lives of others?


What do you have a passion for?


It’s your book, write it.  ebook 1



This is where I am going to get started and show you a few things that I know will help you.



What is it that is needed to run and start a business? Online or not!


First, what is your product?


All businesses need to have a product to sell. (A business needs to sell in order to make money, plain and simple.) Is it something physical or something online, information that people want? This can be a big difference and setting it up and takes a whole new way of thinking.

Think of outline titles!

Things to think about; physical property takes inventory, and possibly employees. You need to account for your expenses and know how your planning needs will be affected. Finding your initial capital might take some thinking, but when you truly want something you will find a way to get it. Put on your thinking caps. Stay tuned or ask me, I have some ideas.

 Or if you found a product online that is information, you need to know what you are selling. Why you are selling it and if it is a good fit for you. There are a lot of good programs to choose from. Here is one of my favorites!


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Finding a product and investing your capital is just the first step and should be top of your outline.

This is where it begins and where all the other pieces funnel to when you get it all together.


Let’s take this and keep going on your ebook.


We have covered the product and the capital. What is next?


e-book writingSetting Up Shop!


Best way to start is branding. You need to have something that describes you. What?, I thought is all about the products? Why would you need something that describes you!


I have found that when you put something of yourself into what you are doing, you work at it harder, you show that you care, and it reflects the strength and detail of a well oiled machine.


Then you need to start with dates and marketing layouts, furniture and equipment. How much do you need or how little can you live with. Is it a store front or a home based business.


Do you travel? Is your office with you all the time? Still more questions. It really doesn’t have to be as complicated as it seems.


Let’s set this in motion and work on more in the next section.


Put your thinking caps on,



P.S.  Need more ways to get your thinking in order?   Check out the banner below and set your brain on auto.


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