Quit trying to compare yourself with the young and beautiful! This is Your Time!

 It happened……I saw a reflection in the mirror! Yes I saw a glimpse of ME! It made me stop in my tracks I had to look again.   I didn’t want to believe it. That was me!


If this has happened to you, then you know what I mean. I got older! I Didn’t want to, who does? Oh, yes all little kids want to be older so they can do things, but do most? No, we want to stay in our prime and keep the good things rolling.


Did you make it to that point in your life when the kids are grown up and on their own and retirement is around the corner. Are you ready? I’m not! I still have a lot to do. I’m not old!


I thought I had it all together.


But reality hit when I saw that reflection. I started looking closer at other things like my finances, my house, my future and came to the conclusion that things need a clean up. How was I going to do that in the short amount of years that I have? I was feeling a little run down and off kilter like my cupboard door in my kitchen! It just does not want to stay closed. The hinge needs replaced.


So do you want to know what I started to do?


I started a new business to create a solution to the financial problem, (so I could retire and not spend all my time in a broken down house. I want to travel, shop and play). I found one, and in the mean time I found a little more of myself along the way. But it seemed like I was competing with the young and beautiful.


I didn’t have that cute smile, too many wrinkles came with it. I didn’t have that bikini body, that extra 20-30 pounds just does not want to go away. Also, have you tried to touch your toes lately?   Think my knees complained more than anything else.


Then the other issue I came across was my house! I think the same wear and tear that my body is going through, is happening to it also. When I really started looking at it, I saw the little things I have come to overlook, like me in the mirror. The molding, the paint on the edges, the carpet pulling up in certain areas. I can’t blame that one on the kids anymore. It needs fixed.  



“Tension is who you think you should be, relaxation is who you are.” Chinese Proverb



So out of all of this competition with the young and beautiful around us, and the energy they seem to have, it just makes you want to work harder with the shorter amount of time you have and without being totally exhausted.


How do we do that?


Just because my generation is older doesn’t mean that we can not learn new tricks. We just have to put a twist on it and learn how to do the same amount of things in a shorter amount of time.


Just because we are called “MOM or DAD”, does not mean we are stuck in the stone age.   Did you know that with age comes wisdom? Give us a chance.


Just because our bodies are not skinny and maybe sag in a few areas, doesn’t mean we are ready for the old folks funny farm.   We just have a lot more experiences in our head that we need to overcome and sort out.


We have lived through raising our children. We have lived through buying cars and houses. Then new cars and houses. We have had many different kinds of jobs and even fired from a few.   We have seen the growth in our cities and neighborhoods. Give us a break if we look a little ragged.


My Solution came.


Blogging has been my way of setting out to fill in the dreams and the holes that I found in my discovery. I can work as much as I want, I can work when I want, and I can work how I want. This is a way that the older generation can compete with the young and beautiful.

“If you look to others for fulfillment, you will never be fulfilled. If your happiness depends on money, you will never be happy with yourself. Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the world belongs to you” Lao Tzu


When I started there seemed to be a lot of things holding me back. I had my doubts, I had reservations.   I thought “What am I doing?” many times, but I just kept going.   I was not going to give up so easy.   My story doesn’t seem all that bad, My tragedies are not all harsh, Many people say you have a great job, and a family who loves you, why do you need to change that.


For me I felt there should be more. I have so much to give and that part was not happening. There is a part inside all of us that can be given to others. When you have overcome an experience, or have a passion for something. You owe it to yourself to give others your journey through.


So look again at that reflection, but this time look through it and see what is on the inside and quit trying to compete with the young and beautiful.






 Are you struggling financially right now?

Are you a mother and wife like ME, and/or ………..   sick of trading time for money and feel like you were meant for more than you’re currently experiencing?


I’m here to tell you, there is a way out…and it all begins with the decision that enough is enough and it is time for a change. You are worth it, your children and husband are worth it. You deserve to NEVER miss a beat in their lives. Don’t let the story society is telling you steal the precious time you have with them, because you can never get it back…


As you now realize that you were meant for more, and that your family deserves to have you and your time with them, I invite you to discover the door I went through to escape the nightmare I found myself in…


…if you know that you’re not currently fulfilling your purpose in the job you’re in and you truly desire FREEDOM…physically, mentally, and financially…then I invite you to click this link or click the photo below and step into the doorway of your freedom now… I challenge you!!



…discover how I’ve been able to pull myself from the depths of time and debt, to step into a life of financial freedom…and how YOU can do it too. You might just make today be the pivotal point in your life where you might say: Enough is enough, I’m making this happen this year, that’s period!”


“Only YOU have the power to make a change in your life. The next five years of your life will look exactly like the last five unless you make the decision to CHANGE right now…I’m here to guide you into your own personal freedom…”


Here’s What I want you to do next: Download my free guide, you’ll be redirected to a page where you put your email in. Plug your email in and my FREEDOM FORMULA Guide will be sent to your inbox in minutes.

As you plug your email inside, you’re going to be redirected to a video where you’ll be introduced to David Wood and the system I use to help me create the success I have today. Watch his video with an open mind & you might just make a decision to go ALL IN! ( You’ll know what that means once your inside)

I encourage you to go through it, and be inspired to overcome whatever may be hindering you from reaching you full potential.  You will also have the opportunity to learn more about the system I’ve used to create my dream life, and how we can work together to achieve your goals in 2015 🙂


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5 thoughts on “Quit trying to compare yourself with the young and beautiful! This is Your Time!

  1. For Me Sandy, Hello, The older I get The More I Enjoy Life
    Because I didn’t Understand Life Then, When I was Younger,
    Like I Do Now…I’ve Only Learned As I Grew Older, Better To Have Lived Some
    Than None At All I suppose…You Know Sandy I Don’t Envy The Rich or The Powerful
    I Envy The Person That Understands Life At An Early Age…

    Thank You For The Great Thought Provoking Message…

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