Subjects to put in your outline. It’s where your revenue stream is coming from.


 Have you done your homework and looked at other online books,  have you done your research to see whats out there?


In my previous blogs we set out to creating outlines.


Do you have yours yet?  Revenue Outline


Are you stuck?


Here is a link for that if you need a review.


e-Books or any kind of book can be difficult to put together if you are not a writer. I would never even thought about writing one, till I noticed that through my blogs I had all the pieces that I needed, I just had to put them in order.


It is amazing what a person can do when you take the little steps and then look back at what you have accomplished. When I started blogging I just wanted to share ideas and help others find the changes that they were looking for. Now it has grown into something so much more than that.


So now is my time to help you get there.  Get your subject lines to create your income stream.


Outlines are great, but if you have your subject matter jumping around from chapter to chapter, you will tend to lose people or they will think that they already read that before and might skip over something you feel is important for them to read.


If it’s not important why did you write about it?


We need to have your topics and subjects flow into and out of each other to keep the reader involved. Just like story books. You don’t want your reader to be lost or confused by all means, do you?


Now for someone like me who has a background in business, not particularly a reader per say. I know the difference between reading a manual, or a policy and turning around a reading an informative book or a great romantic novel.


What would you rather read? Right! I know its the manual. He He


So, for us who are making a turning point in our lives and trying something new, like me, which is writing, we learn to tell our stories and share what knowledge we have, not in a manual, but as a conversation. For example, my eBook is on setting up a business. So for one chapter it would be on:


The ins and outs of knowing what kind of Business is right for the kind of person that you are. ie: The System of your Business to create your income stream!


In order to get your business up and running takes a little bit of insight. What type of business you want to be in, determines where and how to present it.


If its physical goods and services, then look around the neighborhood. Do you have competition? These are things that you need to be aware of, so your marketing strategies need to be intriguing enough to draw attention.


Or is it online? Like Network Marketing or MLM, there are certain questions that you should be asking. Finding the one that will be legal and right for you doesn’t have to be that hard.


I can’t give away my whole book, but here are some more examples of questions to ask before you dive in and get started.


Consider the Products you will be selling. Who are your competitors? How do they compare on price and safety? Look for words like “miracle” or “guaranteed”, and other false promises. Can they provide solid evidence to claims and show you results? See our average Earning Disclosure here.


Learn as much about the company or companies that you will be working with before you invest.

Do your research:

            How long have they been around?

            Do they have a positive reputation?

            What is the buzz you hear?

            Have they been sued for deceptive practices?


Evaluate your plan. Set up terms and conditions and have them easily available. Make sure all questions from you or others are answered, don’t be afraid to ask. Its a good sign that a company doesn’t know what they are doing if they can’t answer simple questions.


Refunds: be ready for this. No matter what kind of business you are in, someone will want a refund. Its a given. Get a detailed policy in writing.


Its very important you have a complete picture of how the plan works in as much detail as possible, as well as the most about a company as possible before you make any decisions.


One more thing that is very important and that I have seen many times over.   When you are choosing a product for your business, make sure it suits your talents and goals. When you put your heart into it, it will soar and grow as big as you can dream.  Choose your outline for your revenue stream.




Now,   go work on that outline.   If you need to start like I did, small and in blog form to get your feet wet, then here is my link and I can walk you through getting it all set up to grow like I did.




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Please share with me your story and by all means ask me more.

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