What do you see when you see a successful marketer?

Do you see a person refreshing their email and bragging to others, or do you see a person grinding away at their computer putting in the time to get what they want? Channeling Your Phases of Success To The Top.

 success funnel

When you are channeling through your phases of success you should be focused on the future and your goals, not on your past.  You want to get to that smiley face. Don’t brag about all the work, the pain, the frustrations you have endured. Until you made your goal at the end. Down the funnel with you and your followers.


This is the phase that most will turn away from.  The struggles and feelings of sinking with no way out.  Or they are just floating on the top and can’t seem to take a big enough breath to hold on under the water.


Don’t look at the massive energy you expended to create the outcome.   You need to look forward at the channel you are headed and see your roads direction. What results are you getting now.  Have you learned how to relax and go with the flow.   Are you controlling your breathing and letting go a little more.  Are the waters starting to churn down towards the funnels opening?


IMG_4747060619918Now that you realize that you should be focused before you brag, what is one more mistake that new beginners take?


They try and do too much…….This is the part where you feel you are being pushed and held under.  The feeling of drowning and being overwhelmed.   Not many like this feeling.  It is the hard part that needs to be pushed against to get control over.


You don’t want to copy what the big earners are doing. You are not far enough down the funnel. You  don’t want to do what the successful ones are doing now, but you DO want to do what they DID. Go through the phases of success and empty the funnel as you go so the drowning and the overwhelming feeling will get easier.


You know what I am talking about if you are struggling. You try to coach and have hangouts, webinars, meetings before you have a team to do all that with. 


Did you see the chart above?


The largest part is at the top, this is where you need to do the most work.  Study and get your get things in order for the final flush of the funnel. If you skip and try to slide or poke holes in the process ……what then?


Do you know what that does?   You end up creating more problems than what you had when you started. And you want to quit and say it doesn’t work!


Are you exhausted?  Swimming in circles gets you no where.


Knowing the channels that you need to go through in the phases of your success will glide you through faster and with more ease.  



Let’s analysis this a little more.


success funnelFirst phase: going from $0 to about $3000 a month.

Second phase: going from $3000 to about $10000 a month.

Third phase: $10000 to about $30000 a month.

Final but last: $30000 to $50000 -100000/ month.




Each phase requires a very different set of actions.


Here is how it works:


The first phase is the hardest, but can be accomplished in 30 – 90 days when you dig in and work it. Learn the strokes, and the breathing techniques.


The easiest way to $3000/ month is to sell one product of $3000 each month. The higher priced First Phaseproducts you have to sell, the easier it will be to create the results you want.


Or make 3-5 sales per week of lower priced products. It doesn’t matter so much, what does matter it that you are generating leads. A good number to shoot for us 10 – 30 a day coming in to your business.


Don’t worry about not knowing it all. Don’t worry about complex marketing systems. Don’t build your own squeeze pages, sales funnels, or too much until you know what it is you are doing and/or what really works.


There is only one thing you really need to focus on is a good quality follow-up system.   An email system that helps you automatically follow up with your prospects.


Here is one of those for you if you need one. Check it out! So now that that is done, lets get down to business.


Let’s focus on one thing at a time to start with. Like blogging or social media. Free marketing. Yes I said free. Let’s make some money.


When you focus on creating and promoting content, you can make a good dent in your business and get it off to a great start. As long as you are consistent and doing something that has already been proven.


Need more training in this department? Learning how to get it started and finding those proven systems can be work in itself. I wrote this blog on that topic. But, here is a link for you to give you all the tools that you will need to get started and from there we can grow.


Now to get down to the next grind! Keep working!


Stay tuned ……. Once you get this phase up and running I will help you with the next phase.  



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