To My readers…My apologies

Its been a long time to write on my Blog, “Ideas in My Jar”, things have been a little bumpy and this blog is lacking a few of the goodies that my main blog has.

I wanted to share a little of what I have been up to and to get you up to speed on new things around the corner.


On my blog “Sandy’s Jar” I have been writing on many subjects:

How to break free and live a life of time-freedom.

How to start an e-Book!

Other Business tips, like communication, email, believing in yourself, etc.

Come and see more here.  Grab the feed and you can learn right along with me.

With the system that I am in, I actually can have 10 blogs going for the same price. So why not take advantage of that. If blogging is your business, why not make the most of what you can get.

My latest series is on the “funnel system” of a business. Have you ever wondered why people start something and quit so early and say “blah” that doesn’t work or it’s a scam! I will break it down and show you where a lot of the pit falls are and how to overcome them.


I started another blog called “Breaking To Freedom” Fight Another Day.

I have been talking a little bit more about how to manage life with a family member going through cancer treatments and coping with the symptoms.

Do you know someone who is dealing with Cancer? It is quite a struggle, but knowing you have friends and can go somewhere to get a little relief can make your whole day. See that blog here.


IMG_1646Teaming up with my Daughter has given her a way to share also. Here is a blog that she started, called “Blogging With A Twist”. What fun to have it in the family.


Blogging can be done for many reasons, to share ideas, voice your opinions, give ways to solve problems, and of course give you an income stream that you can do from home on your own time. If you didn’t realize that you could make money from your blogs and want to learn, let me know. Here is my contact page.


Only 5% of bloggers actually do or know how to turn it into a business. That is kind of sad if you think about it. The world would be a totally different place if people started to believe in themselves and put out their full potential.


I believe in you.the-past-is-your-lesson-the-present-is-your-engine-the-future-is-your-motivation-quote-1


I have learned a lot about myself in the last two years and come to find out I have more to give than I show. I have many years of knowledge stored up in my head that could help so many others. That is what blogging is about.

So to tell you some of the fun things that I have been learning and that my other blogs have, here are some examples:


In the dashboard, across the top:

There is a weekly audio of the top producers sharing stories of how they are doing it.

There is live support with answers that actually help and videos to help you step by step. These are called 7 minute hacks. (Simple and to the point).

Built in tabs to give you pop ups, email support, SEO pointers, CTA banners, and other ways to point your readers around for them to get the full effect of what is on your page. You are sharing, you don’t want them to miss anything.

A whole compliance page, sharing what is right and what is wrong.  They are looking out for us legally.

We have a whole library of resources for training and tips.

You can change your themes, colors and menus when you feel like it, not having to pay for this and for that, and then having to figure out the technical stuff to get it to work. Here it’s done, just like that! You can see what it will look like before it goes live. How is that for cool!

I think just that alone is pretty neat, not to mention all the training along the way Kalatu Headingand the get together parties that we have. We are headed to Las Vegas next to meet and greet. Not sure where we will be later, maybe in your neck of the woods.

Come and see how my writing can help you and if you would like me to be your mentor in this great business adventure. Watch this and sign in.


To all my Friends, Signing off for now!Sandy 2015



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