Channeling Your Success Phase #2


The next phase of the grind is to go from $100 a day to $10000 a month.   Think this is crazy, then you need to change your focus. It’s easier than you might believe.


Did you work through the first phase? Click here to redo if you are still struggling.

 Try Something New

For now we need to work with the same lead flow of about 10-30 a day. Once you have those sales and sign ups, you get to move on to live events and phone calls. It works really well to do Google hangouts or webinars to reach a large number of people without calling each one on the phone.


Most people will try to work around this phase. It is one that you need to get in front of people. Only send the sales page to them in the first phase or if they are cold traffic, you already have them so selling the whole pitch to them again is just wasted time.You will look like the salesman who can’t quit.


In the second phase you do some kind of training to give them value and sell in the end. What value do you have in your niche and things you have learned throughout your lives adventures. Give them quotes of inspiration, start answering questions to problems that you solved, or found a solution that will help.   Share and share alike. Be informative.


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If you are having problems selling or not quite sure how to get in front of people. Plug into some of the products in Empower Network. You’re either committed or you’re not.


Next, hearing from people directly gives them a welcome message and sense of relief knowing that others are truly behind what this person is getting into. Buying something online is scary enough so when a person can have a voice behind it, it all seems to become real.  


Even if you are horrible at selling, pick up the phone. It gets easier to talk to people, especially if you have a common ground. After they get to know you from your emails and your blogging they would love to hear your voice. Ask them.

 Quit dreaming and DO

In this second phase you will see a lot more commissions happen on auto-pilot and as we develop the marketing skills and our others skills your $30,000+ level will be in sight before you know it.  See our average earnings.


Don’t sell yourself short or make excuses. If you do, then you need to get out now, for you mind is already set. Changing how you think and challenge yourself to a new future.


That’s is on the second phase, If you do what we suggest your conversions will triple.


Keep Going………



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