Phase #3. Getting serious in your successes. The interesting stage.


In this stage of success it will get interesting. You enter another kind of financial freedom.


This stage gets a lot of people clogged. The funnel gets stuck even though it should be the easiest.   What is wrong is the focus. Here is where the up-selling comes in.


Think about it and I will throw in a little banking background for you.   You have a member or customer come in and open up an account. Once they get that established what do you do?


They really have nowhere to go but to keep using their account. To boost this you need to up-sell. Throw in other products. Give them other choices of what they can use. This will give them benefits and boost your business.   The win win situation for both.


This is the stage where you can make it simple. Notice the funnel is squeezing in. Your leads are buying more and higher priced items. For you just publishing more content and starting to experiment with paid traffic to move on.


There are many options. If you are stuck here just check out the lesson plans that I have here at Empower Network to get you through.   It will give you pointers and great techniques to make it smooth.


Getting through this phase gets you into the big boys league. Learn it well and you will be there before you know it.success funnel






P S:  Stay tuned and I will get you there.  If you want me to mentor you through click here and I will get you first access. 




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