Do you have a dream?


You were so excited and had this great idea. You plan you buy in and what happens next?


You were duped. You were used. You spent all your money, your family and friends don’t want to know what you are doing now. They want to send you to the Looney bin until you know better.


How do I know? It’s what I have done, what happened to me and what I thought I wanted.


You want the freedom, you want to take that two weeks off or fly to some far away place on a whim. You want financial freedom and to help others gain theirs. You have so much to share and give to others, but there are problems along the way.


Let’s see how we can get rid of the rejections and quit suffering.


Do you know what you want? Is it just a dream or can it become a reality?




Here is a solution that I want to share.


What I want you to do is to close your eyes. Find a moment in your childhood where you thought about what you wanted to do when you grew up.


Ok got it?   Think hard, you will need that image so I want you to hold onto it.


Now that you have that picture in your mind what is your reality? Are you doing what you really wanted to do?   If you are do you like it? if yes, then way to go, most people are not. They get stuck in the struggles and just seem to settle.


If not,   then was it a dream like a fantasy?   Are you still dreaming that would be great to do, but just do not think it is possible?


Here is a question that you need to ask yourself!


What is stopping you!


Why are you not living your dream?


Do you really want it?


Do you doubt yourself that it is for you?


If I could help you see how all of those things that are holding you back can be put into perspective and overcome, would you like to see what it is?


If I could show you a way to grow and make anything that you do possible, would you like to see what it is?


Are you still thinking about what you wanted to do when you grew up?




If I could introduce you to a business that you could do in half the time a regular out of the home job would take, would you like to see it?


Are you still thinking?


A word of advice! Don’t think too long, for life is shorter than you think and your opportunities will be gone.


Do you think you can come and take the adventure and really learn how to live life?



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Do you believe in your dreams?


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