Trust in who we deal with, it’s our safety net, or safety network.


Is there something or someone that you tend to follow or hang onto because you feel safe? or secure with?   It is our safety network and we tend to start relying on it keep us going. When do you start to expand to make that change in your life? You know there can be more, yet what?


We rely on others “WHY”?

     Is it where they live

     Is it how they dress

     Is it the things they say

     Or.   Their resume


What is it that most of us trust? Do we trust experience and loyalty. We look at people, we look at their resume we look at their life and how do we choose?


What do we trust?


We trust familiarity!   Think about it, the things we have learned through life are the things that we know, the experiences that we have had. We know the outcome and how to handle it.


But is that the best?safety net

Where is the risk?


Do we put up safety nets like the trapeze artist or that extra rope? or on Tennis courts to keep us in the boundaries?


It is the psychological benefits. Do things help us feel important?



Truly what are those safety nets for? Is It setting them to give you the confidence to try things you never have done before? Or to keep you in the world you already know?


When your net is gone or it has a tear do we tend to collapse and only do what is safe.


Trust is your safety network.


Organizations trust their leaders or supervisors.


Recently I started to expand my safety net, and what I found was exciting and exhilarating!  I started my own business.  Come and see, maybe its what you are looking for.  Check it out Here.  I broke free.


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When you see that you’re letting your safety net expand it can be fearful or terrifying, but those who push through and show effort, the one who does things no one else will, can earn so much. They can learn that life can be bigger and they can be stronger.


Learning how to trust and choose the right path, yet know how to expand will help you lead a more fruitful and profitable outcome, it will give you the confidence to grow in many ways.


I have been reading a book called “Start with WHY” by Simon Sinek. Reading this book has shown me that a strong sense of culture that creates a sense of belonging and acts like a net. A Safety Net.


When you find something in your life that gives you that belonging, that pulls out your inner person and teaches you that you can shoot for the moon and land among the stars. For me, learning how to start my own business has given me that new belonging.   It has expanded my brain, my life and my checkbook.


Then what are you waiting for? Break that Net! Break free


What would stop you from taking that step outside of your safety net if it gave you something that is better? Something that will help you grow as a person and also increase your income.


Not everyone can do this! Not everyone wants this! Not everyone is a good fit, but if you know deep down that there is somethings else for you that you haven’t found yet, then lets take that first step. (or pull) and see where real trust comes from.  


Real trust comes from the things that you can not see.


I was on a plane coming back from an inspiration and as I looked out over the vast countryside I realized there is an endless vast of opportunities ready to happen.


The unknown yet known.


You too can have the freedom to expand your safety network and find more than you ever knew possible. Living outside what’s familiar, taking each small risk to see how you land, and yet finding more possibilities you never knew.


Want to know what I do? Want to know where I get my inspiration? Keep reading.


Here is something to ponder about……what makes you good is not just your ability, but others around you looking after you.   We need people to show us who we are. They see things that you don’t.


If you have ever been given the best equipment, the best technology, the best training that money can buy do you think you will make it? or is it the ones behind you that make you trust yourself to get the job done.




Remind yourself about your WHY everyday…..have that one thing or person help you stay on course.  Here is an example of having someone say “you have it, what are you waiting for”?



What are you going to do?


“The time to think of yourself is done, it is not about you, it is about the ones behind you. The things ahead of you and the things that matter most. If enough of us do this the world will be a better place” by Sandy Mangis


So here is your solution to step away from you safety network and make your life a little more risky and fulfilling.   Come and challenge yourself and see if you land among the stars.

Follow the banner below and see where you land.



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