Do You Remember Back To School, Shopping and More?


It has been awhile since I had to take my kids to the store for school supplies. It was always a time when I myself could go and stock up. Now that the kids are grown I see all the sales and little one in tote with their fun supplies.


The smiles and giggles with all the new things they now have to show off.


MinnonDo you find yourself reminiscing or looking them over to keep up with the current trends?   Did you know that there is a Sponge Bob and a Minnon Lunch pail? We were good to get the ones with Spider-man or Batman on them.


Even the college kids go for things like that.  


*****Do you Want to learn new things?  Do you need a Change and a new spark?  I have the perfect thing that gave me a new beginning.  Check this out and feel young again.***



 back to school

Here are some ideas for sending and packing treats to send.


See the page here.





back to school





Or it seems like everyone has a smart phone.   How many apps can you have on your phone?


 To see the Apps Click Here


When you find yourself having the empty nest syndrome or need to just feel like a mom again, go and put together one of these.   Put in that note from Mom and Dad just to make it special.


Now, time to treat yourself. (Did you check the link out earlier,  here is your chance again.)


What are you doing with your time?


Are you keeping busy and finding things to do?   It can feel empty and quiet around the house when you’re the only one making noise and wow, who left those dishes on the table?  


This is the time for you to shine, the time for you to come out and make something for YOU. I know I needed something. All I wanted was to be a mom, a career mom. I wanted a good job, but kids too. So now who am I and where am I going?   Looking forward to the grand-kids, why am I still at my career job? I want more time for other things.


I will tell you, finding your niche can be very interesting when you think about what you like, and what you want to do. Being a mom is cool and exciting, but it only lasts for so long and you become more a friend (with a twist).


So I found me a new job.   One that they can help me with, turn the tables a little.


Yes, a job at home, it was time to retire early and start enjoying life.


I know I said new job.   You are thinking that is a lot of work! But what if I told you that it takes the 40+ hours and turns them into 4 hours a day? Now that’s a find.  


Come and see if this would be something for you? Don’t take too long, time goes fast.


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5 thoughts on “The Secrets of Successful Back To School Shopping

  1. AWEsome post!! I got lucky this year. First, school started early, Second> There is a school uniform so only pants are needed. 3rd. Not too many places to shop for school supplies on this island so Walmart and Kmart was it!! Thanks for sharing this for those with more choice. Blessings

  2. I remember getting to spend a certain amount of money that was given to me as I got older for getting all my school supplies and what not, but a few time I bought something I wanted instead of school supplies, and then down the road found out I should have bought the supplies. Thanks for taking me down memory lane Sandy.

  3. Love you short but effective video and I do so remember when I was going to my first grade. I got new clothes and was so excited to get my new pat and leather baby jane shoes. They were the best. Still remember those. Great memories..

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