Does Culture define the relationship between Youth and Aging? What is your AGE?  You are never too old to start something new!


No one wants to grow old. We all think that we are young, we keep going on every day with the notion that we figured it out (Youth mentality) and we can just settle into that routine (mature mentality). A good book to read is “Mid Life Celebration” by Jeff Noel.


Then before you know it, the kids are grown, you have been in your job for 20 years and you are woken up to reality. The reality of that wrinkle, that weight gain that gets harder to lose and we become painfully aware that we might have missed the boat.


Do we learn how to adapt or react?


Most know this, but do we change or wait, thinking this will blow over. Your habits are formed, and wow, have you tried to change some of them?   Not as easy as you might think.


Us human like routine, we get comfortable and then self-destruct because things are not done and we are not going anywhere.


This was my thinking……I wanted a career and be a mom. I accomplished that and now that they are grown I looked at what I had now…. I was getting older and I didn’t like it.

Don't Let Age Set Your Routine 

I wanted to keep up with my kids. They sure want me to be able to do things with them. Here is one example of how my Daughter put “fun” in my life. They don’t know that it’s not easy to keep up, they just expect it.


So do we cave? Or do we concur!


I don’t know about you, but I have chosen concur!   I want to stay as young as I can without competing with the young. What do I mean?   I have found a way to take my 40+ hours and turn them into 4 hour days.   I also have given myself a raise.   Check this post out and see what I have to say.


With this I have more time for me to gain my strength and knowledge, so it is my way of keeping up. Us Career Moms have lived through a lot of the struggles already, yet having the time and energy to learn more is a major factor.


It’s never too late to start again!


I want to share with you a way to start again. Learn more and give yourself that new spark. We deserve it and what a better way to have our own business and the freedom to be there once again to help our kids and others to follow.


Don't Let Age Set Your RoutineGive yourself a raise and new meaning,


9 thoughts on “What Successful People Know about Age and Culture

  1. This was a great post Sandy and I’m I getting closer to 52 now and feeling alot of those pains of age, but yet mind says I can still do this, so I’m holding on to what my mind is telling and chasing my dreams so when I do retire I will do it the way I want to! Thanks for sharing Sandy.

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