The Final stage (Fun Stage) of business success is where things seem to explode. 


This is where you are making it big. You are past the $30,000 a month mark.  Everything is residual income and you are truly in business now.  No more hobby, no more am I really doing this.


Attitude changes:  You Are Really a leader NOW.


You are building teams and increasing everything around you. 


You are making a lot of money and want to keep it flowing.   You gotta keep people around.  This is where the duplication comes into play.    You do and they do.


Don’t just push them through the end of the funnel.   Create a community aspect and show them how to get others through.  You keep one funnel after another and this the duplication and repetition that is needed to success.


But wait.  You are still resisting?


Are you Struggling?   Are you feeling overwhelmed?  Need a pick me up?


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OK,  I know exactly how you feel.   Me too.  You are not alone.   All of us go through this and look at the survivors.  There are a few things to learn first. Yes it can be hard.  Don’t give up just because you hit a plug. Drill through it.


As you move through these phases, resistance is normal.  It’s normal for people to try and force a level one phase income into a level three income. 


Don’t try to push or jump down straight into the team building.  


The most important lesson of all:



It doesn’t work!

It’s not going to work, and failure is sure to come.

You need to learn first. 

Follow the phases.

Know when to shift your activities, and try not to get stuck at an income level.  If you’re stuck it can only mean you’re focused on the wrong things.


Lets learn how to create different results, and to do that is to do different activities. 

It starts with the grind, building to your traffic, and getting leads into your business.


Trust your gut, your instinct.  Don’t listen to society, they will lead you away. Think about it, people don’t know what you want or the way you think.


Trust your gut, take massive action and do whatever it takes to get what you want.


Believe in yourself and be persistent.


That’s it!  The phases of success in your business, and how to navigate through them.   Success not failure.


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3 thoughts on “Success: The Final Stage Of Business Success (or failure) Your Choice

  1. These are great tips and reminders that you share Sandy, it also reminded that I need to be careful not to let my guard down.

  2. Sandy I remember DW saying that the first 10,000 is the hardest. After that it gets easier. But that is why so many people quit because the beginning is always the hardest. Great post…

    1. Irene, Did you see the other posts in this series. Yes you are right. The first phase is the hardest, but each phase has its specialties.

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