Does your WHY change?  Does it change on a daily basis, or through the course of time?


What do I mean?  Why is a very powerful word.  And you don’t realize that it can drive you in many directions depending on how you ask the question.


Why don’t I have enough money?

Why am I so fat?

Why do I never get the breaks that other people get?

Why can’t I do anything right?

Do you see the problem there?


When you keep saying things like that to your brain, it responds and gives you all the reasons why that is happening.  I am here to share with you ways to change the way your brain will handle those types of questions.


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When you think of five reasons why you are struggling with changes in your life or your business, here are a few things to keep in mind.


1.  WHO

You need to start with who you are and who you are talking to.  Clarity is a very important key.  This is one step that can not be overlooked.  You need to ask why you are talking to these people and why am I who I am.

This is reality.

2.  WHAT

What changes in your life have come about to get you thinking. What in the world am I going to do now?  Why do I need to change, why do I need more money? Why do I need to loose weight?  Why is everything not where I wanted it to be?

Very powerful questions can come up through different stages of your life, and the answer will be different and changing as you go through each struggle.

When you think of the struggles you had as a child, going to school and getting your homework done; that might really seem simple now to the struggles you have when facing retirement.  Through the life of raising kids, building a career, and now thinking about spoiling yourself, the struggles become different and take on a new “what”.

What is your destination?



Where are you searching for answers.  Again who are you talking to and why did you follow that path.  Choosing the where in finding your answers can make or break your dreams. Are you taking the road of least resistance?

In school did you have a teacher that you could really learn from, and others that just made you do things.  What did you get out of the class.  Could you tell that some really knew what they were talking about and others who just went with the book.

Or in business,  what kind of boss did you have.  The ones willing to help you grow and succeed or the ones who just wanted you to show up do your work.

Why do you choose the places you choose to learn more from?  I found that when you go looking for yourself in all the mess of training, you come out on top more times than you succeed in anything else. 

Is it going to be easy to use and access or do I need to put a lot of effort into it?


4.  WHEN

When is your breaking point. When do you say enough is enough and turn those negative thoughts into positive ones and say “I am going to make it, I am going to shine”?  It’s all up to you, if you believe you can, then you will! 

I have had my doubts, many times.  I have wanted to quit, many times.  Its a lot easier to quit, then to overcome the struggles of finding your WHY. 

But now it is your time to shine.  Ask your “Why is it so easy for me to______?”

Now is your time to have it all!   “Why am I succeeding in ______?”

Now is your time to find your dreams once again and show to the world that you did it!  “Why do I have _____?” 

Get your brain working for you, not against you.


5.  WHY

Have you seen the pattern here?   One word can be so powerful, yet so simple.  It is a matter of letting yourself go,  getting yourself out of the box and sharing with the ones around you. 

A simple turn around of words can create a whole new approach on how you see yourself and others.


People want to be seen.

People want to be heard.

I want you to look at your surrounding, your atmosphere, and see your why.   Is it where you want it to be?  If not what are you doing to change it.  Where are the tools you need to get it there.  And Who are you doing it for?


Life will change, it is a natural thing so be ready and adjust.  Know where you are headed and take the action that is needed to get you on that path.


Now is the time for you to take action. Step out and step up onto your path for success.  Goals are not attained unless you have the DESIRE, DEVOTION and DETERMINATION to set them into motion.

Make it happen….Empower your Success while living your life!




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