What time of year is it? Time to clean your social media lets start with Pinterest.


September is upon us.  

It’s the time of year when millions of people refresh their wardrobes, head back to school and start getting focused for the holidays.


For me winter is coming and fall cleaning is starting; Time to stock up and move things from outside to inside. But not just for the home and kids, its time to think about cleaning your business too. Refresh your favorites, move files to disc and clean the history. So……..


Why not give your Pinterest an updated look, too? Do more with Pinterest and achieve all your marketing goals, whether that’s more site traffic, conversions or engagement.


Here is what Pinterest suggests:


Here’s your back-to-school Pinterest checklist:

Come up with a specific Pinterest goal. Think about why you first joined Pinterest and whether or not that’s still the right approach. Pick a goal—traffic, sales, engagement—and use Pinterest Analytics to track your progress.

Add the Pin It button to all of your images. The Pin It button lets people save your content back to Pinterest. You can add the (free!) button to all of your site’s images. The button’s also available on WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger and Wix, plus iOS and Android apps. You can add a widget to your iOS and Android apps, too. Learn how to add the Pin It button to your site’s images.

Write compelling Pin descriptions. A well-written Pin description can help you get discovered by people searching for quality content. Make sure your descriptions are aspirational and include specific details about the Pin (but don’t stuff it with keywords!)

Make sure all your click-through links work. There’s nothing worse for Pinners than clicking through on a Pin and discovering a broken link. If you’ve deleted product pages or done a redesign, make sure all your Pins have updated links that will take people somewhere useful.

Take better images. Use high-resolution, vertically-oriented images that will stand out. Experiment with adding text overlay on your images to see how they perform.

Create boards with exclusive or seasonal content. Make a board a destination by Pinning exclusive content and promoting it on all of your channels. For example, you create a board for a first look at your holiday line or show off some of the new recipes you’re testing out.

Show off what’s most popular. Take your most popular Pins and feature them in blog posts, on your website, on social channels and in stores. You can even create a new board just with your top Pins.

Pin every day. Try to Pin every day so your followers can see your stuff on their home feeds. And don’t forget adding Pins to your older boards—anyone following that board will continue to see the newest Pins on their home feed.


Have you ever gone on someone’s wall, saw a pin on the board title, and then when you went to check it out it took you the rest of the day to find it because there are a lot of pins on the board? It has happened to most of us.


So lets refresh and give our boards a face-lift.Tips to Clean Pinterest


OK now that you got what they suggest, I have a few titles for business boards that will help you separate your boards. It will make your pins easier to find.


1.  How to make money online

2.  Social Media marketing

3.  Blogging for a Living

4.  Pay Per Click

5.  How to set up a Website

6.  List Building

You can also separate you social media, or make a board just for those.  

Making it attractive and easy for others to really see on your site will keep them there longer and help them find all the cool stuff that you did.

Happy Cleaning



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2 thoughts on “Tips To Spruce Up Your Pinterest Board

  1. What a helpful post Sandy! We really need to do some Pinterest sprucing. Some of these tips you listed, we do, but others we’ll definitely have to implement for example showcasing our top pins and tracking better while using the analytics. Thank you for sharing such value to help others. You’re awesome!

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