Are you addicted to making lists?


I think I would be lost if I didn’t have a pen and paper. I love sticky notes because I am always thinking of something I need to do or remember or get or whatever.

Do you feel that way and are you right there with me?


  1. How Making Lists Can Quell Anxiety and Breed Creativity

    Making listsHere are the Six Great Benefits of Lists. Lists:

    1.Provide a positive psychological process whereby questions and confusions can be worked through. True purposes surface.
    2.Foster a capacity to select and prioritize. This is useful for an information-overload situation.
    3.Separate minutia from what matters, which is good for identity as well as achievement.
    4.Help determine the steps needed. That which resonates informs direction and plan.
    5.Combat avoidance. Taking abstract to concrete sets the stage for commitment and action. Especially if you add self-imposed deadlines.
    6.Organize and contain a sense of inner chaos, which can make your load feel more manageable


  2. Wendy Sue Anderson’s Challenge

    Wendy has a challenge for all. She has a fun little project to share with you this morning – and it’s all about LISTS! If you know her, you know she is a HUGE list-maker. She loves being able to write up a list of things that are needed to do and cross them off methodically…it’s one of her happiest moments when she looks at a huge list of items that are completely crossed off. 🙂 (If that’s weird, please don’t tell me…)

    That is me too. I think it is a great feeling to cross that off and know that you got something done and now you can move on and feel good.


  3. Sandys Jar Pinterest Blogging Board


    I thought I would help those of you that like lists. I found a whole bunch to help with ideas and making challenges and just to keep you focused.




Love to Make lists? Share some of theses and comment with your favorites.

Do you like to make shopping lists?
Christmas lists?
Keyword Lists?
To-Do lists?
Reminder lists?

What kind of a list do you do?


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6 thoughts on “Are You Addicted To Making Lists, Put Them To Work

  1. I LOVE LISTS!! If you look in my house there are lists for everything. To do lists, blog planning lists, shopping lists, meal lists..I Think I make a list for about every aspect of my life!

  2. LOVE list making. Mine can get out of control though. When that happens, I sweep everything into Trello and start again, dipping into Trello as I have time to bring new things into the list!

  3. If I don’t make a list I am done for. Especially my list for the grocery store. I will always forget a few things if I don’t have a list. Thanks for sharing Sandy.

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