Do you have enough money? Is your wage where you want it?


That is a question that most everyone will answer NO!


With all the talk about teacher strikes and people thinking about the holidays and all the needs they seem to have. They keep complaining about MONEY.  I will give you some ideas and ways to think about money and how to get more of it.  Keep reading.


Money is just a tool. Use it to increase your wages.

Here is a Blog I wrote in March:    If Money is Only a Tool, Then Why Does It Lead You?


I have been studying a lot about money lately and yes we all think we need more. I can always use more, because I want to buy something that I don’t have. Or they have this, I want it too!


Today’s blog is a little bit of a rant, so bear with me.


I have never worked in an organization or an industry that has had ties with a union, or had someone else negotiate my wage for me. I have always had to do that myself.


If I didn’t like something it was me who had to change it.


moneyWhen you work for someone else, you really do not have that much say on how much you make. There is a lot that goes into payroll, from budgets, to incentives to how the company is to run, so unless you are the owner, you really do not have much say on your pay.


What I wanted to rant about today comes from the teacher strikes and how it sparks a cord with others. I know the teachers want a fair wage, all of us do, but I have watched so many struggle in this same issue. I am not saying it is wrong, but look where I am coming from.


I know many people that work year round, 7 days a week, and have two or maybe even three jobs. Statistics show that even then they barely make over the poverty line. So do they get to strike? They wish.


In today’s market place, there are many way to make money. But we all need to remember that MONEY is just a tool. Your cost of living is yours to regulate. Not the governments, not your neighbors, and not the unions.


You do not need to rely on others for a pay check. Create your own. Be in control of where you are going.


If you love what you are doing, then make it work. And give yourself a wage increase.


Lets give money a new meaning and a new focus. I have some pointers in the blog I wrote in February.  Enjoy


Little Known Secrets that Will Change the Way You Think About Making Money

But how you say, the rich are in the tiny minority of people, so how could little ol’ you and me join them? Do they have something we don’t? Do they have an unfair advantage over us?


Then another point I found was in this post on:  

Lesson I Learned From Money

Do you have an empty piggy bank?


A Great leader once told me you can find money in just about anything, so “Don’t throw it in the trash!”

Don’t throw money in the trash!

 A lesson from a great leader,   I wanted to share with you that you might be throwing money away or putting it in that stack in the corner.

I could go on and on,  Just search my blog for more on money.  I give you lots of ways to help your pocket book grow and give you lots of way to increase your pay.  Check it out.   Just look to the right for the search bar.

Then when you want to make your own wages click the banner below and get started.


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