Who are you and who do you want to be?

I know that is a heavy question, but have you really asked yourself who you are? What you want to be and how do you want others to see who you are?

Again, heavy question.

  1. The HOW

    Lets break this down a little.

    Think about where you are at in your life. Are you having a bumpy time or a high-flying time? Do you feel like you are running just ahead of the crumbling sidewalk, OR are you sailing through the path with ease?

    I want to share a little with you. As I look back on all the things I have done and how I got through them, I always wondered if there could have been something to do differently? Had I had a life coach or others sharing the same experience.

    We didn’t have the internet for most of what I went through, but now things are so different. There seems to be more answers out there, so how do we know which one to take?

    I wanted out of the corporate job market.  My family was growing up around me and I didn’t have the time to enjoy them.   I was always looking at the checkbook and it held us back.  It felt like a trap and you had to take something away.  I wanted to let my family live a good life so I was always exhausted and over worked,  not be able to enjoy my own life.

    When someone asked me who I was,  I really didn’t know.


    That is where these tools come into play.


    First off “THE HOW”

    How do you start to find out who you are? I thought I knew until someone actually asked me that question. So I went looking for that answer. When I got this tool and learned how to start looking deep inside of me and pulling out certain things that “make me Unique”, and “What defines me”. It really started to make me whole.



  1. The WHY

    Why is a question that starts to make our brain work. When we ask that question, your brain goes into high gear and gives you answers. But these answers are only coming from your inner soul. If you only know certain things, then that is what your answer is going to be.

    I was there, my inner thoughts always went back to the same thing. I didn’t know there could be more, I didn’t know that you could really achieve the impossible.

    It was just a matter of saying “Why not” “I Can”.

    Learning how to turn your WHY into a true believe takes some channeling and discipline. It truly works when you have the right tools.

    Come learn how you can achieve your “Why Not”:




  2.  When

    This last tool I want to share with you today is “When”.

    When are you going to get started?
    When are you going to say “This is my time!”
    When are going to step out and step up onto your path for success?
    When are you going to get off the couch?

    Life passes us all by when we just sit and wait.



    The time is now, change is now and when you want to change your why and change your how, then you need to take the action NOW and have change your when.  Change to the best life you can while you are still here.




Life is too short to not live it to the fullest potential. Stop living day by day and thinking that tomorrow will be better if I just make it to the weekend.

Make yourself unique and learn how to show the world what you want to be know as, and you will see the doors open wide in front of you.

As a career mom, I wanted more. I wanted more freedom to do for my family, I wanted to be able to set my own hours, and give myself a raise when I felt like. I wanted the time freedom without the worry.


If this is something that you have always thought about, but never knew how to achieve, then let me show you my world, as you can have it too.

Find out who you are.



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