Have you ever started to sell something and come right out with it and got shot right down by the other person? It can really blow you away.



Well that happened to me.   I thought I knew what I was doing, I had my questions ready. I started in and it was over before I knew it.   Only thing left to say was “what just happened”. I was flabbergasted gassed. I was stunted.   Wow, what a lesson.


So how do you speak?Inner peace


I learned my lesson, so I want to let you know what I learned from that.   Define how you talk. Network marketing is a people business, if you start talking about all the wonderful things that are behind the curtain before you sell yourself you might as well hang yourself out to dry. You can use the curtain rod if you want.


Here is a question for you to think about! Are you more of a joker or do you evoke some Shakespeare with every sentence? “TO BE OR NOT TO BE”


Let’s go back and look at a post that you wrote or just write something, a couple of sentences. Then analyze it, and ask yourself: ” is this really me?”.


I have found some tricks to help, so stay here and learn with me. To get the full training check this out.



Big brands have gone to great lengths to perfect their social media voices and gain a loyal following who loves them because of it.


And in today’s marketplace, that’s your job as well.


Self-promotion (or any kind of promotion, really) can be weird and sometimes our words and sentences can come off stiff and melancholy, unlike how we normally speak to others. Finding your social media voice and sticking to it helps all of your posts to be cohesive, sound exactly like you, and not be overly promotional.


When you are totally relaxed and just being you, that should be your voice over everything you are doing. An article I found says that “your company’s social media personality should be your company’s corporate personality after exactly one beer” and I couldn’t agree more. You want it to be comfortable, friendly, welcoming and show a little of your personality. Network Marketing is about lead attraction, so we need to be our awesome selves and attract some leads!


So how do you go about finding your marketing voice?



Many people including me think that they must be someone different from who they really are when they’re on social media for their business.


I will tell you not to do that.fingerprints

To attract people in your blog or on social media you need to really develop a media voice (and to allow your audience to get to know who you are), then you need your voice to come out in your words like you speak in real life. You are trying to attract new readers, clients, customers, friends, or whatever it is that you’re trying to attract. So be yourself! Let people get to know the real you.


Learning to brand yourself and show others the true you will take time. Want to gain the techniques and learn what aspects you need to bring out and what to leave behind?   Get the full training here.


  1. THINK ABOUT YOUR NATURAL VOICE.  What does it sound like? If you were to sit down and pick three words to describe your voice, what would they be?

My examples:   Soft, Happy, Professional

And now think about it the other way. What are three words that do not describe your voice at all?

My examples:   harsh, growly, wishy-washy


Three words that describe the type of voice that you try to stay away from when you’re speaking?

My examples: bitter, snotty, short, know-it-all

Keeping these adjectives in mind every time you’re posting to help you to stay consistent with your voice and brand.




Answer these questions with your own personal voice. Are you cheeky? More straight-forward? Super serious? This will help you to see your own voice in action and allow you to create social media posts more naturally.


1. Think quickly. What do you do if a zombie broke into the room right now?

2. Create an image for this:

How to Find Your Marketing Voice (+ A Free Worksheet)

3. A fellow blogger/business owner has just given you the compliment of a lifetime. How do you respond?

4. When someone lands on my blog/website, I want them to _____________________.

5. When there is no food in my refrigerator, I want to _____________________.

6. If you try to wake me up in the morning before I’m ready to be up, I will _____________________.

7. If I could only watch one video for the rest of my life, I would want it to be a video of _____________________.

8. If my work space isn’t immaculate, _____________________.

9. My blog/business is important because _____________________.

10. List 5 things that your blog/business values. What means the most to you. This will help you find your unique qualities and you should use those to help you and your voice stand out.

Take all of the answers that you write down and use them as a guideline for your voice. You want all of your Blog posts, Facebook posts, tweets, Instagram captions, YouTube videos, and more, to be intertwined and have the uniqueness that one person should have.


How do you speak?  

Who are you when you are posting and communicating your marketing for your business?


be yourselfThrough my business life I have been through many start-ups and re-branding. But when it comes to my home based business I thought of it in a different light. I need to find my own voice and spread that throughout all my social media and offline marketing as well.


What a learning process when you start with who you are.


So hanging yourself out to dry on the curtain rod doesn’t have to happen and when you learn how to take yourself and your voice: turn it into a brand and market that for who you are, your business will flourish before you know it.


Get the Full training course now, so your business can grow even more than you thought possible.

 Finding your voice!  How do you speak?

Marketing will become easy when you are yourself and learn how to sell who you are first.



Missing Thoughts That Changed My Life

Goodbye to Self-Sabotaging Beliefs

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Finding your words through your actions.


This is the program that helps me do that on a daily basis. It has built my inner spirit and with an added bonus, increased my financial goals right along with it. Come and have a listen for yourself and see how your life can be changed with just simple little things every day.

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