This post is going to make you think. I want you to imagine and think about your day. How have you interacted with others? Then who it is that you want to target!


Whether you were just passing them or standing in a line, did you nod, say hello or look down and pass them by? When you answered the phone, was your voice irritable or pleasant? When you had lunch with a friend, how was your conversation? Was it happy and exciting?


Then when you were talking with a potential client, did your voice change, did your persona change?   Did you turn into someone else?


That happened to me a lot. I got all business like and just thought this was the perfect thing for them and wanted them to see it. Yep, scared them off before I even got started.


That is the exercise that we are going to get into today. We are not going to discuss changing who you are, but we are going to bring out the YOU in all your conversations.


Finding your voice.


Whether we are writing a blog post or speaking to someone, we need to find a familiar and similar voice for both.


Here is a great article that asks you questions.

“Why is it that when you love someone’s writing, you want to read every book they’ve ever written? Why is it that some readers will buy all of J.K. Rowling’s books, even if she’s writing in a completely different genre than the Harry Potter series? And for us writers, how can we go from “unknown writer” to “published author”?

It’s all about your writing voice.”


Words can be very powerful, they can build people up or crash them down. Think about what words you want others to have and remember. In a business to gather followers you need to have words that build them up. But a good lesson to learn is that you don’t want to just speak what they want to hear, but you need to speak the truth, even if it hurts.


To tame the tongue, we must recognize its power for good or for evil (James 3:3-5a)


Guard your words: “Talk is Cheap”, but people listen. What they choose to believe can be deadly if taken the wrong way. Get your point across in a positive way.


With Network Marketing being a people to people atmosphere, you will do so much better when you find out who you are and what your voice is like. So when you are looking for clients and leads you need to characterize them first like yourself then you will be able to broaden this out.


Who are your clients?


This is where the thinking comes in……I want you to think of your ideal client and describe him/her. Don’t just go into the superficial stuff like their yearly salary. I want you to determine things like how much do your clients read, are they self motivated, hardworking, willing to learn, or creative? Would they rather we at home or on vacation than working?


What demographic would they fit into? Are they in the Poverty, Lower Middle class or are they High class? How do you want them to view what you have to offer? Will it help them change from where they are at, or bring them down?


When you are thinking about this, put yourself in there first, where would you fit and what are your goals. If you are Upper Middle Class you might not want to be perceived or shown information about getting out of poverty?


Does that make since? Great…..Lets continue.


Next, How do you view your products? Are they cheap? Middle of the road? Or Top of the line? Think again about what your products have done for you. Do you own them?


How can you sell them if you don’t know what they are about or actually own them yourself?


People will ask, and you need to know.  When you have products that you want others to have you need to know everything you can about them and show that for others to see!


Here is my example:My name is Sandy Mangis.  I am a career mother of two. As my life has grown along with my kids I felt an empty spot.  A spot that was stuck and closing in.  My Jar was full and starting to suffocate.  I needed something to help poke the holes and let the struggles out.  I found an escape in a home based business.

My blogging business has been a lifesaver for me. It has been my therapy for when I was down. It has been my energy to keep me going and my excitement to show others. It is my escape from troubles and lets the struggles out of my jar. This business platform is so much more than just a money maker and a time freedom opportunity. It has given me back my life and shown me how to bring out the best in not only me but those around me.

You will have training to create a mindset for focus and growth. You have the training to help you be a good presenter and speaker. The training will teach you tricks on how to keep readers on your blog, and selling techniques that are more natural.   You will find that you change the way you look at the world and research your passion with everything you are. My products are information and motivational. They pull you inside out and let the best of you shine.

When you make yourself feel better, what do you do?  Do you get your hair cut, do you get a facial or your nails done?  Do you go shopping?  You invest in yourself!  So why not turn that investment into somethings that change who you are and the things around you.  I am giving you an invitation to join me and my team and see what is your best light to shine. Come and listen to the introductory video that will explain everything.


You will find that your ideal client has a lot in common with you; and that’s exactly what you’re looking for.


Now, the next thinking process we need.   What qualities and characteristics do you NOT want in your business? These might be things you want to stay away from, like victims, blamers, complainers, people who want others to do the work for them. Or, ones that are always making excuses and asking for help constantly without showing effort.


If you’re worrying about what the wrong type of people think, then you’re watering down your effectiveness for the people you want to reach.

You want to be unique? You have to do what other people are not doing—and that’s really, really, scary.  SeanWes


Think about this….if you are growing a business with inspiration and motivation, most of what I just mentioned will not work. That is where you need to change yourself and get your mindset on track. Figuring this out early and setting a plan into motion will help you succeed in just about anything you are doing.


Lets sit back now and ponder what you just read.


Who is your client?

Who are YOU?


When you find out who you are and how you speak, then it will come through and attract the ones you are targeting. You will not have to search very hard when you start with you. Others will follow, I promise.


Finding your voice and defining your client, is the most difficult thing in your business to figure out, but once you find it then watch out, you will soar like an eagle.



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