So you ask, what does reading have to do with finding your voice!


With this exercise I want you to pick your favorite books. Do you have a favorite author? Let’s take five books or bloggers that you follow and evaluate them. Let’s look at similarities and differences, and what makes you want to come back.


Pass the testHow is their writing style?


Can you hear their voice coming through?


 Come and pass the test.


If you are having a difficult time with this, or you are just starting to gather books that you like check out what I have found to help you.



Tips, links and suggestions: what are you reading this week?


Your space to discuss the books you are reading and what you think of them



What Are You Reading?

Thanks to all of the participating libraries, librarians, authors, and publishers for sharing which books they are currently reading. Please…do not pin quotes, magazine articles, websites, infographics, book lists, etc. PLEASE PIN INDIVIDUAL BOOK COVERS ONLY. Thanks, and enjoy!





Let’s face it: Finding your next book to read is a lot like dating. There’s an app for it, options can be overwhelming, and for real sparks to fly you have to be on the same page. Well, consider us your book matchmakers. We’ve found nine books you’ll want to read this summer based on your personality.


I found mine:   where do you fit in?




You: You’re the average Joe or Jill. A good citizen, hard-working and you tend to live life between the lines. Your friends turn to you for advice on everything from BBQ to stock tips.

Your book match is: Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee

The sequel to the Pulitzer Prize winning “To Kill a Mockingbird” Harper Lee’s Go Set A Watchman has seen some controversial press since its publication this month. Make up your own mind by returning to Maycomb, Alabama and re-meeting “Scout” now 26-years old as she returns home from New York to visit her ailing father Atticus.

“I need a watchman to tell me this is what a man says but this is what he means, to draw a line down the middle and say here is this justice and there is that justice and make me understand the difference.”



Words For Writers: Words that Describe Someone’s Voice

I found this on Tumblr and thought it was another fantastic list for authors. I love a thesaurus, but using this as a quick reference guide for my own writing has been helpful so I thought I’d share it. I’m amazed how many great writer resources I find via social media. 



Have you found your voice?engaging


What is it that you like to read, or just browse through? We all are unique individuals so my suggestions might not actually fit in with what you like.   Dig deep inside and see what your style is and make it shine.


Writing and having your blog grow needs to have the personality of the writer or it will not be authentic and original.   Give it a whirl and see where you end up.




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Finding your words through your actions.



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Here are others that I know personally that have it going for them too.  See what they are saying:

Lawrence Tam



See you on the other side,

Sandy and JessicaIMG_2382

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