Who influences you in your life, in your upbringing, in your job, and in anywhere that you like to hang out?


As we travel throughout our day, most of us are around other people, it’s kind of hard to miss them, people are everywhere.   But who do we interact with can really determine what kind of a voice that we have.   Do you dress differently for where you go and what you are doing?  Your voice comes from inside and shows on the outside.


Do you have certain people you always interact with?


I was listening to a Garth Brooks song today that talked about “Friends in Low Places”, and it got me thinking.   I first looked at what I was wearing. I had on my jeans with my camo sweatshirt. I couldn’t decide on the right shoes though. I was pondering on the dressier ones or my tennis shoes.


I went with the tennis shoes, why? Maybe because my foot hurt or I wanted the comfort. Not really sure, but the point is it was my choice and no one really influenced me. We tend to live and travel where we feel comfortable and can make our own choices.


So where are your influencers?influencer


In the song he talks about ruining the black tie affair because he showed up in his boots. He blamed that on his roots. How he grew up and what he felt comfortable in. It was there fancy affair and he was the last one they thought would show up.   Were they fearful of this or because of who he was, was he not welcome.  


Do you feel out of place when you are not dressed appropriate for someone else?


Does it really matter what you are wearing? I will agree that you don’t want to be a total slob when you go someplace fancy, but does it change who you are and the voice that you portray?

  finding your voice

Farther on into his song he does excuse himself from the gala and goes to drown his sorrows in the whiskey and let the beers chase away his blues. He finds the place that he wants to be.  Do you have “Friends in low places”? Is it how they talk, how they walk, or is it the appearance on the outside?


Finding your voice is important for you to know where you are and say “This is Me!”, and I will be the best me I can. You need to bring this out in your words and your writing, or whatever you enjoy doing.


He finishes this song with everyone signing with him, for so many can relate.   We don’t all fit in with others. We don’t all feel comfortable with others.   So take yourself and make something of yourself. Find your own voice and grow to the highest level possible.  


You can be anything you want. You can belong to anything you want. But you need to be you and let that shine through.


I believe in you!


To hear the song  Listen up.



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 Do you have a Blog?

What is your way of showing others who you are and what you like?  Blogging has been an great journey for me to learn how to be me and show the world that I can make a difference.  

I found a way to have my own way of setting my financial needs and learning who I am in the process.  I would love to share and show you that you can too.  Follow the banner below to see what I mean.


4 thoughts on “Finding Your Voice, Who Are Your Influencers!

  1. What a great post Sandy! Yes, so many of us can relate. Us humans have so many of the same feelings and just show them differently. We must all be our true, unique selves. Be proud of who we are and continue to stretch and grow and be the best versions of ourselves. Love this! Thanks for sharing your greatness! 🙂

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