This is a Collection of my writing to find my voice and how to help others find theirs through the art of blogging.


Finding your words through your actions.

Have you heard the saying “Your actions speak louder than words”?


I want you to walk this through with me. What actions do you take when you are voicing your opinion. What do you do when you want to get attention?


I know, I know. You jump up and down or raise you hands high in the air.   Was I right?   Well if we could do that on paper and get our readers to know that, we both have it made.


Who are we?

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Finding Your Voice

Finding your voice! How do you speak?

Have you ever started to sell something and come right out with it and got shot right down by the other person? It can really blow you away.

Well that happened to me.   I thought I knew what I was doing, I had my questions ready. I started in and it was over before I knew it.   Only thing left to say was “what just happened”. I was flabbergasted gassed. I was stunted.   Wow, what a lesson.


So how do you speak?

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Finding Your Voice, Who Are Your Clients

This post is going to make you think. I want you to imagine and think about your day. How have you interacted with others? Then who it is that you want to target!


Whether you were just passing them or standing in a line, did you nod, say hello or look down and pass them by? When you answered the phone, was your voice irritable or pleasant? When you had lunch with a friend, how was your conversation? Was it happy and exciting?

Then when you were talking with a potential client, did your voice change, did your persona change?   Did you turn into someone else?

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Finding your voice, Who Are You Reading?

So you ask, what does reading have to do with finding your voice!


With this exercise I want you to pick your favorite books. Do you have a favorite author? Let’s take five books or bloggers that you follow and evaluate them. Let’s look at similarities and differences, and what makes you want to come back.


Pass the testHow is their writing style?


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Finding Your Voice, Who Are Your Influence’s!

Who influences you in your life, in your upbringing, in your job, and in anywhere that you like to hang out?


As we travel throughout our day, most of us are around other people, it’s kind of hard to miss them, people are everywhere.   But who do we interact with can really determine what kind of a voice that we have.   Do you dress differently for where you go and what you are doing?  Your voice comes from inside and shows on the outside.


Do you have certain people you always interact with?

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Finding Your Voice, What Others Say

Have you ever asked others what your voice is?  Most of the time, getting a person from the outside to help you will give you a better understanding of who you are.

This post was a hard one for me to get done.   It wasn’t so much as to what others say but what I was thinking.   Have you ever really pondered on who you are and what it is that you like that makes you who you are?  Deep huh?
So, here is an exercise for you:  Get something to write with.  You can use pen and paper or your tablet or phone.
I want you to write to me about your day and one interesting thing that happened.  It should take no more than five minutes.
There are a few more in this series I would like to finish so stay tuned and keep a feed on my other blog for other posts you may like.
Have a Vision and need a mentor to get you started?

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