One Hour, It’s not a life decision problem, but a time issue.


Think hard, but if you are like me you would turn in circles. I don’t remember how many times I would say to myself, if I only had time to do this and that. Then when the family was gone and the time came, what did I do. Turned circles of excitement and not get anything done.


Now What Will You Do if Time Froze? Another Decision!


Decisions, decisions… 

Every day we are faced with decisions…

 Do we stay in bed… or Get out of bed…

Exercise… Don’t exercise…
Watch TV… Read a book…
The laundry list goes on…


 A lesson I learned a long time ago is that, many of us aren’t good at making decisions.

 Well.. decisions that will help bring us the life we want to live.

 … And after talking with hundreds of thousands of people from around the world, it dawned on me, that:


The reason many of us aren’t good at making decisions is because we were never taught how to make good decisions…


We were always taught how to follow the system.

 However, if the saying “decisions shape destiny” is true…

 (Which it is)

 And we want to know how to create our own destiny…

(Which we do)

 Why is it that many of us have never taught ourselves how to make good decisions?

No idea.

What I do know is…


Today that changes. Time is yours.time


I first exposed this little exercise during a private mastermind session through my team.


The simple concept that blew all of our minds.


Do you want me to share it with you?   It works just as well now as it did many years ago.


You will need to fetch a pen and notepad.

Do it now.


Draw a line down the middle.


On the top of your notepad write down just one of your goals…


Whether it’s to…

 Make more money…

Buy a new home…
Drive a new car…
Clean the House….
Go Shopping…..
Work on that To-do List….
Travel the world…
Fall in love… It doesn’t matter what it is. 

Pick one of your goals and write it down on top.


In the left hand column write “further”.
In the right hand column write “closer”. 




Let’s say you choose “make more money”


As you begin to carry on throughout your day and you want to know whether you are making a good or bad decision, pull out your paper and ask…

“Is watching T.V. going bring me closer to my goal of making more money, or further away?”


The correct answer is: Further 


Let’s use another example…

“Is reading this book called 3 ways to double my income in 90 days or less going to bring me closer to my goal, or further away?”


The correct answer is: ___________.


Correct.         Closer.


You see – in your life one of two things are always happening.


You are either moving further away from your goals.



You are moving closer to your goals.


The simplest way to determine whether the actions you are taking today are bringing you closer or further is by following this exercise I’ve shared with you.


Rinse and repeat this for your top 3 goals and carry the piece of paper around with you for a week.


Every time you find yourself doing something that is bringing you further away from your goals – write it down in the “further” column…


Every time you find yourself doing something that is bringing you closer to your goals – write it down in the “closer” column…


As time progresses, you will begin to become aware of the decisions that will help shape your destiny for the better.


Now, if time froze how much farther would you be and what would you get done.?

Why this is something you’ll want to take very seriously.


There is no question as to whether or not this works.


  • Results have proven that it works for everyone, regardless of experience or skills
  • The only variable is you deciding to take action
  • As automated as possible – pick your traffic and go
  • If you don’t succeed here, that just means you’re not following a couple simple instructions, and you won’t succeed anywhere else. This is your easiest, best shot at success. (but I have faith you’ll exceed your expectations here.)


How bad do you want success?


            A change in your results requires a change in your behavior

  • Change = a different outcome than you are currently getting
  • No change = same outcome as current
  • Change can be uncomfortable at first, but is worth it and is a sign that your end result will be different – more money, more freedom, etc


No such thing as failure – just quitting


  • If you don’t quit you WILL find success
  • “failing” is simply quitting and giving up before achieving your goal
  • Quitting is a cesspool of failure
  • Perseverance and tenacity breeds success


This system works for you exactly how it does for me


  • Creates a level playing field
  • Doesn’t matter who uses this system.

“A goal should scare you a little and excite you a lot”   Dr. Joe Vitale


            The purpose of a system is to do the hard work once (creating the system), then use the system to easily achieve your desired result time and time again.


Every success story starts from nothing more than a dream and a desire to fulfill that dream

When you make a DECISION & follow it up with ACTION, that is when SUCCESS HAPPENS


To your success

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