I know what your day is like.   Chaos from the beginning, Right?


Some days it just doesn’t matter if you have a plan or not, things just do not go your way. How you handle that is totally up to you.



My plan today started good, but went south very fast. I started at the top of my list, but then it happened. CHAOS! In order to do that I need to do this. Things just kept getting in the way of what I had planned. So instead of doing two things I had to do five.  


So, What would you do?


This is when your training comes to remind you of things.   This training program gets you to change and start throwing the negative thoughts out and put in the good affirmations.

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When you learn how to set your goals with things that don’t really seem like goals and pull what is deep inside you out, the affirmations and life plan has meaning. This can be set in your subconscious to work over and over.


Check it out and see if it can help you!


What I am learning is how to keep my outlook on what I want and not the issue at hand. Harder than it sounds, but not when you get the tools and the tricks that I can show you. Come on Check it out, what are you waiting for? More Chaos?


thoughtsWe all need to find that something that will put us back on track. Is it a good book? (I have a list for you, just comment below and I will share).   Or do you find a movie or just going out to get some coffee?


My avenue today was to just stop, walk away, and get a really big cup of coffee with a toasted marshmallow flavor to give me the energy to tackle my chaos. Then keep reading.

When you feel the lid blowing off or the storm inside brewing, it really doesn’t help to send them a devil face emoji or to squawk back and get everyone mad.


STOP the madness and the chaos will not seem quite so bad.


So, how did I handle my day?   Glad you asked.


I have found that writing a blog is my out, my way of expressing myself and getting it all off my chest. When you can write it out and really see how it looks, the horrible feelings and devilish acts seem to go away.


It’s like hollering at yourself in the mirror.


You tend to say “that was stupid, why did I let it get that way”.   Think positive and positive things will come from it.


So the next time your day turns in to chaos, think of something positive to put in front of you and things will look better.


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P.S. If you want to get the training I am talking about and learn how to change your day, life and/or financial status you need to see this video. Get it now to start right away.


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