How do you set your day? Do you have a routine when you get up?


I have been trying something a little different lately. Starting out with tea instead of coffee. (My doctor said that would help my heartburn.) But that is a whole other story. Right now we are talking about setting your day in an order to perform.


If you did it correctly you would have your to-do list telling you what you needed to accomplish.



What, don’t have one?daily routine


That’s OK.

I will help you put one together. Every business needs a plan of action to keep it on track and growing in the right direction to perform.


The training I had today was on being one step ahead and not waiting for the results before you start the next one.


Here, see what I mean.




You will knock off hours be doing it this way and your performance will improve.


Here is an example of shortening your time by three hours.


Take doing your laundry. You start the first load and let it wash, then when you throw it in the dryer do you wait till its done and folded before you start the next cycle? or do you continuously keep both machines working till you are done with all?


Now what do you have on that to do list do keep you on the pace.


Making ListsStill don’t have one?


Here are some templates that will help you get started. I like this one. See more here.




But, I can see your hesitation……a printable copy? Well, being the busy person I am and having an online business most of my lists and other material I use is all online, accessible from any device of my choosing.


Also, having the visual of my goals and my to-do list up in front of me in my office will help me keep on track, that is why I do the printable copies.


Now for those of you who do have every device at their fingertips, I have a list of Apps I found that can help you keep that list up to date and on track. That way when you get one started you can keep going with the next one.


Check this out.

One more thing before I let you go to get those lists started…..a checklist of what my leaders teach us that helps us keep on track and not overwhelm.


1             1 Piece of Content
2.           Personal Development
                  audio (….minutes)
                  read (….minutes)
                  Skillset …..
3.           Marketing
                   Active ….
                   Passive ….
4. Exercise and Health
Water ….

This is a list that I share with my team and what we work on everyday. Need some more help and want to know what else is on the list so you can get your business growing better and faster? Come see some what the training is all about. Get your trial here.


Have a productive day,

3 thoughts on “SETTING MY DAY In An Order To Perform

  1. Wowl…this is awesome Sandy. What Great Timing too! I was just chatting with someone about writing out a to do list daily that I can check off the tasks Ive accomplished. Great post, Thank you!!

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