Re-affirming my Affirmations

Know where you are going.  Make your plan. Set your goals.

Goals and directions are so important in any business or life planning.  You need to know where you want to be and what you want to get.  I had a mentor tell me once that your goals need to be written out so well that a 6 year can understand what it is you are work towards.


Setting your Affirmations.


Affirmations and meditation are one of the most helpful tools for practicing mindfulness. They can carve out your desired path and guide you towards your ultimate destination.

Your thoughts and things that surround you shape your experiences. Studies have shown that the act of choosing positive thoughts (affirmations) has a direct effect on your nervous system, your day-to-day experiences, the choices you make, the interactions you have with others and your outlook on life.

Looking at positive and encouraging statements throughout the day will help you create the life and lifestyle you want.
Affirmations can be goals to things that affirm what it is that you are working for. Give yourself deadlines and then guidelines to follow and your brain (subconscious) will figure out how to get them done.


Here is a video that you would love to have downloaded and play in the background while you work.


It’s easier than you think and when you over think you will end up farther in the hole than when you started.

So Time to re-affirm your affirmations and get your goals back on track.




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