Re-affirming my Affirmations

Don’t call me Mara of the bitter desert.

Know where you are going.  Make your plan. Set your goals.affirmation

Goals and directions are so important in any business or life planning.  You need to know where you want to be and what you want to get.


I had a mentor tell me once that your goals need to be written out so well that a 6 year can understand what it is you are work towards.
Want to hear more from him?  Listen up! on Monday Nights.

Setting your Affirmations.


What do I mean by don’t  call me Mara?  Have you ever been lost in the desert or even in a labyrinth?  Unable to find your way out?  And as the days pass by you get tired and hungry and say if only I had some help.


That is where you turn to your affirmations and mentors,  they will give you a new mindset to get you back on track.  Find that book that you learned from, find that audio that said just the right word.  Look for that missing puzzle piece and make it whole again.  

Here is a video that you would love to have downloaded and play in the background while you work.


It’s easier than you think and when you over think yourself you will end up farther in the hole than when you started.  Look here,  I found 101 thoughts that will help you climb.

affirmationsPositive Affirmations: 101 Life-Changing Thoughts To Practice Daily

So Time to re-affirm your affirmations and get your goals back on track.




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