What is one thing I can do to prepare for Christmas  this year?


I love living in the Inland Northwest of Washington State.   When the fall leaves start falling and the cold weather comes, the excitement of the holidays are right around the corner.


First things first.   Make money to pay for all the joy you want to share.  I will get into this in more detail later, but First, we have to know WHY we want to make this money.


greeting cardsNext:  Christmas cards.   Do you write them before Thanksgiving.  Oh, to tell the story of the past year to those who are on Facebook and all ready know all about it.  Really?  But, I do send them out.   I think the cards are a nice gesture to show that you really care about the friendship, that you made the effort to great them on the holidays.


Who wants a letter?


Is it about making those lists.   Or trying to remember what it was they asked for many months ago.  I have started one so many times and I can never remember where I put the last one.   Yes, I even lose them on my phone too.  How bad is that!


You know that black Friday is right around the corner.  Do you try to make all the sales, or not worry about it so much, because you have the money to shop anytime and hate the crowds. (Money will come later).


traditionThen do you have traditional things that you do?  Is there a favorite dish?  Check this out for some great ideas.   

The holiday parties,  (kraftfoods.com) decorations, (Michaels)  family get-togethers (not always what we want to do, but do with a smile and a cheery disposition).  Not to mention a lot of wine and beverages.


What is it that you do, I would love to hear in the comments.


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Now that our kids are older we don’t have a lot of presents under our tree, but that is not what makes it special.


We get together and share the things that we do.  The inspiration we have gained and it is usually at a fancy restaurant or a trip some place we wanted to go.


Now if I could show you how to make an extra 100, 500, or 2000 would you click here to find out?  Now is the time to invest in yourself first and it will overflow onto others.


It’s your time to shine this holiday season.  Come learn how to do it in many ways not just in the presents but in the giving.

I opened my shop about 24 months ago.  “It a digital franchise“.   My products are digital so I can make the higher percentage. I have friends who buy on Ebates to get the percentage back, some sell Mary Kay Cosmetics, others Youngevity or Herbalife.  But I have something  that is a lot simpler.

I did those kind of money-making activities,  I have been to this and that.  Some of you already know that.  But what I found after having shelves of product and orders to fill.  That it took up a lot of room in my house and I never had what people wanted.  Also trying to run around having parties and delivering them for a measly 25 to 40 percent commission.  Come on, no thank you.  I went crazy and spent a lot of time that I could have used doing things with my family.

OK, back to the happy times, and the fun holiday season.  Want to make money at home online with 70% commissions?  no parties, no deliveries, no calling, just a lot of sharing? Just click here and see.

Then boy do you need to come with me and make your holidays and every holiday there after the best it can be.


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Share and comment below.  We need to know how your traditions make a happy holiday season.

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