If I could re-take one class from my school days, which one would it be and why?

What class do you wish you could re-take, or wish you did take? It doesn’t matter if it was high school, college or any other time.

When you are young and thought you knew it all, what classes in school did you choose?  Ones that were easy or a little more challenging.   Were they one that your parents thought you needed? or had a passion for?

I hated school, I wasn’t the best or the brightest in my class.  But who was to judge?  Does society hold you to what you learned in school?

If I knew what I know today.  Things would be so different.  You don’t learn everything in school.  I have learned more since I have been out then back then.  

Here is another example of someone retaking part of her life:

7 Things I’m Thankful Blogging is Teaching Me


What I didn’t realize in all of my adventures is that there was one thing I was lacking.  I blamed it on me.  I thought I was a failure at selling, I thought I was a failure at sharing.  I had convinced myself that I needed others to do that part for me.

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This is another article that helps with the things that might be holding you back:

16 Rules of Blog Writing and Layout. Which Ones Are You Breaking?


What I now know and what I am learning is that I can do it!  I just needed to see myself for who I was and who I wanted to be.  I feel now that I can do just about anything that I want to do.

And so can you.

Don’t believe me?

If I could share with you my world, would you be willing to open yourself up and see what you are capable of?

You want to know which class I would have re-taken?  It is Communication


I my days of blogging I have learned many things about the way people communicate and the way they search for information.  

This article will give you even more ways to communicate:

7 Headline Writing Tips That Get Clicks


It has been the best training of communication better than any school could give.  You are learning from the ones who have tested and fail and tested again.  They can share with you what it is that you need to do.


My Laptop Lifestyle and blogging Business has been more training than any school.  Re-taking classes can be fun when you have a fun way to take them.


Want to learn something new?  Check this business out.


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