Want to know me a little better?    

OK, Here are 7 things about who I am and what I have to share with you!  


Little Know SecretsNumber 1.   I am a mom of two wonderful kids a boy and girl.  I was blessed to have one of each to experience the difference.  They were night and day from day number one!   I helped them see the world and be independent, to know what they wanted and where they wanted to go.


My writing and sharing has been a way for me to express that even more.   Here is a post of my daughter and how she brought the fun back into my life. Here is a post about my son and the struggles he overcame in his life.




Number 2. I am a full-grown country farm girl. No, Not one with animals, but a wheat and grain farm.    I was one that drove truck in harvest. That was my summer job,  mom and dad wanted me home and not working anywhere else.  Also, I could work in the fields at 14 and 15.   Sweating and 10 hour days were the norm,  it’s all I knew.   Got a lot of books read, and  No I am not afraid of a stick shift,  proved that when I taught my son how to drive.

The thing I remember that will always stick in my brain is when my dad called and had his combine stuck.  I packed up my kids and went to help.  When I climbed into the tractor to pull him out, my kids eyes were so large.  They were excited that their mom knew how to operate one of those.


Number 3.
I Love to Crochet   It’s part of my softer side.  I am making ribbons for the Relay for Life (American Cancer Society) race.  Here is a sample of what I have done.  Not sure if I will sell them separate or make something larger.  When the kids were small, I crocheted many blankets, haven’t had much time till now to get back to it.


Number 4.  Camping and getting in the outdoors.  Growing up in the country has shown me where to go to have peace and quiet.   I love walking through the trees, the fields, and listening to the sounds of mother nature.  Little Known Secrets





Number 5. Exercising and dieting.  You should see my book shelf!  I have a collection of books for both.  My daughter is a personal trainer. Here is one of my funny posts about that subject.  (see it here)


Number 6. I have always had an interest in Sign language  I always wanted to be an interpreter,   I’m just really slow and my hands have arthritis. I think too much before I sign.  The natural flow is not there yet.   I do sign a song every now and then at Church.  Keep an eye on my blog…..I will post our Christmas Cantata to show all, my song.


Number 7. I am an Entrepreneur.  I found a new lifestyle to help me escape the robot life of Full time corporate work.    In a nutshell  the Digital Franchise that I have, can be summed up as:  Self-Improvement System disguised as a Business.


I have learned more about who I am and what I am capable of doing and where I can go than I never thought possible; Or even thought I could.  I am here for all who want that for themselves.  Please share that this is possible for all who believe there is more out there for them.


Now that you know a little more about me. I would love to get to know you.  Please leave me a comment below and we can connect.


Truly yours


P.S.  “when you find the things on the inside it gives you the tools you need to change to make it better”.
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3 thoughts on “Little Known Secrets About Finding The Inside of Me

  1. I loved our post Sandi and it is a great way to get to know you better. I wrote on the same topic for #fridayreflections. It is so insipiring when people discover who they are and their true self shines through

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