Keeping It All Together

Do you blow, cry or Smile?


People ask me how I can keep it all together, when they know I have a lot of horrible things going on in my life.

They asked me how I can keep the smile on my face, how I can keep going day after day after day, with not losing it.all together

They asked me how I can focus on my tasks, they asked me how I can keep myself together.

You want to know, sometimes I ask myself the same thing “how do I keep it all together” that’s a great question.

OK , how do I do it?    


I just do it!

“The consequences of today are determined by the actions of the past.  To change your future alter your decisions today”. Anonymous

I have been learning a lot about how to be a life coach lately and the programs I follow give me a sense of pride, a sense of encouragement.  So with all of that, how can you not keep a smile on your face in the time of disaster.

Sure you will have ups and downs. And it is healthy to cry, but to keep the sense of hope alive and close, will keep you on the up side.  


So, I bet you are wondering how I got the strength to “JUST DO IT”?

Wouldn’t it be easier just to crawl in a corner and huddle?  Sure, but think about that.  Where does that get you in life?  Right, nowhere!

So, What I did was to blog, yes blog, and listen to audios that sent me to thinking.  Then training and sharing and other things that I could focus on that made me smile.

When life gets hard and you have to face the troubles that it brings.    

“Life is like riding a bicycle,  to keep your balance, you need to KEEP MOVING”  Albert Einstein



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Want to know what a life coach is? And how you can build a Business on that?

A life coach is one that helps others grow from the inside.  We help them find their passions and bring them forth.   We give them the tools to spread their wings and become rich in many ways.  We give them the freedom that many are searching for.  What talents and things do you have to share.  Come be a life coach and give it back to others.


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