What 5 things I could do this week to improve my financial situation?


Most would say set a budget and then stick to it!


I can tell you that after being a bookkeeper for more than thirty years that this is  probably not a bad idea.  But even though that is a good plan and that is might improve your financial condition, it doesn’t increase your income.  Here are 5 things that I have learned about increasing my income and why some just stay broke.

  1. Who do you follow?  Who do you take advice from?  Do you listen to the negativity and think that the rich guy is the bad guy.    Will you take advice from someone who only wishes and is still stuck?  Or one who is doing it and willing to teach you how?
  2. Learn how to set a goal and make a plan on completing it and taking action to actually work it.  Taking responsibility for your results.  Starting to put the blame on others for your lack of planning.  When you make a goal that you have to reach for then you will work harder.
  3. Knowing exactly what you need to make to really have your ideal lifestyle.  Not providing value to people’s lives.  Put a price on what you want.  Think of what you are doing, is it something that will make you money or loose it?  You get paid by the value you bring to the marketplace.  That is teaching what you learn.
  4. Starting your own money making business. Investing in yourself.  I believe Anyone can do this.  No don’t get me wrong, when you are trained correctly and really work hard anyone can make it.  But not everyone will.
  5. The main reason why people stay broke.  People make decisions slow and change them fast.  They take a long time to decide if something is the way to go, only to find out that the opportunity that could change your life will pass you by!  


Learn how to make decisions based on inspiration and you can use logic as long as your logic doesn’t take you years to learn.  



“Some talk the talk, Some walk the walk Where are you”.    Take the action you need to change your financial situation.




Never forget that people pay a lot of money to shorten their learning curve and their path to success.


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Obvious with the likes of Google, YouTube, Facebook,  EN, and other Network Marketing companies.  That in itself is what it’s all about.  Shortcuts are better than taking the longer $$ journey.

So I’m going to give you the opportunity to invest in yourself right now and partner up with me to improve  your financials.


To Your Success,


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