You may be asking how in the world would decorating my home save my business?  I will tell you that is says a lot about who you are and how you handle things.  This post is about creating a breakthrough. It’s called “The Immersion Secret” Things I have learned about decorating your home.



  1.  Do you leave half the tree bear?


You think that if no one can see it, they won’t notice.     Did you do it just to get it done?


Being in a hurry can have disastrous results. It shows signs of sloppiness, it shows signs of not caring and just getting it done so you can move on.

Decorating Your Home | Things I Have Learned…That Will Save Your Business.

You have only decorated half your tree!



  1.  Do you cloak it instead?

What do you show on the surface, is it a screen with holes, or a sheet just to give it the look you want but not change underneath.  



Over all the cloaking will show others something  of no emotion.  No true form. It leaves them with an empty feeling, they are not sure what to think.




  1.  Do you go all out and over do it?



You throw everything into the decorations including the kitchen sink.


Calling it bedazzled ….all dolled out, putting on a show. Replacing everything in your path with some sort of decoration.


You want to do what the gurus do.  You want to create webinars, hangouts, training programs funnels.  BUT, without a following and a team who is your audience.  Who are you going to teach, your focus is ahead of yourself.



Decorating Your Home | Things I Have Learned…That Will Save Your Business.


  1.  The totally Confused.



Now you are running all over the place doing many different things at once.   Not focusing.  Having not enough of this to finish or make it the way it should be.   Did the fudge taste right or did you forget the food coloring to make the tree cookies green and the Santa’s red?  


OK, so what did you forget.


Jumping from deal to deal, thing to thing.  Focus a little, get all excited, then it slows down and you give up.  You blame someone like your sponsor, or the product or the company.  You stop working and eventually quit.


Decorating Your Home |Things I Have Learned…That Will Save Your Business. Are you getting the picture?



  1. You have the Internal Purpose Conflict!



This is the point where you see a lot of others have it , are doing it, and you want it. Whose house has the most decorations?  Oh, that looks cool, I need that.  Oh why didn’t I think of that.  On and On around each corner.


This is called wondering if you are working on the right thing.  Doubting what you are doing.  Thinking your time could be better spent elsewhere.  You think do I have it all, do I have enough?.  


Well, in Decorating Your Home, the Things I Have Learned…That Will Save Your Business are….when you have found the right thing and create the results you want, then you can have the feeling of satisfaction.  


When you can quit that wretched job and work from where you want and buy your family what they need, when you can focus on contributing and helping others then your task is complete.  


I will tell you when you are broke or you are miss guided by jumping around or trying to out do it, you will not be making a decision to immerse yourself.  


When you align yourself with the right training the right amount of knowledge, find a great product, an audience, and a marketing strategy that’s proven to work and set your goal.  


Things I have learned about home decorating are…to do it right and true to you, then you need to immerse yourself in what it is that you want and your breakthrough will come through.


When that happens the magic will start, you will have no doubt of where you are going and what you are doing.  Everything will fall into place and look gorgeous.  




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I you liked these ideas and would like to hear more and set yourself on the right path, then Now is you time to save your Home Decorations and Your Business and give it a fresh look.  

Click this and enter into a new life.

6 thoughts on “Decorating Your Home | Five Things I Have Learned…That Will Save Your Business.

  1. Great analogy. I never would have thought about decorating my tree and relating it to business, but I can now definitely see the correlation. We actually have many trees, but only decorated with plastic bulb ornaments, so the boys don’t break them. I’ll have to think about what that means about me. Thank you!

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