Wow,  Life has been going in full gear lately and new doors are opening all around.  The ideas in my jar are getting a new look and the secrets that I am sharing are popping up all around.


Is it time for you to see what you can find in the “Secret Jar of Success“?


Come and see all the updates you have missed.  Enjoy the Ideas in My Jar


The Secrets of A Successful Library


Careful with Online Photos vs Stock Photos | Photo Rights Online


Not Following This Simple 3 Step Method may Be Dangerous To Your Bank Account


Why Nobody Listens When I Talk | Shake Off The Dust

Decorating Your Home | Five Things I Have Learned…That Will Save Your Business.

To All Who Have Birthdays In December


I know that there is something you can find in the Ideas I have in My Jar.   Thank you for following and reading along.



If you like what you see and the ideas that I can find, then you will love the program I am using to help me share them with you.  From the blogging platform to the daily inspiration, to the training to bring them to you, the you need to check this out.

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